Another Legend About The Chinese Zodiac Ranking

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The Other Version : Fun Story Of Chinese Zodiac Ranking Rules

A Competition of “Title”

People didn’t know about Chinese Zodiac until the Emperor of Heave wanted to do an election by holding a tournament. The Emperor of Heave wanted to rank 12 animals by their power ability.

Why do Cats not belong to Chinese Zodiac?

After the news about this tournament came out, the animals all wanted to know what level of their abilities are and also could have an opportunity to show their martial arts.

At that time, the Cat and the Rat were good guys. As soon as the Rat heard that the Emperor of Heaven was going to assign ranking for animals, he rushed to tell the Cat when the Cat was still snoring and sleeping. “Big brother cat, big brother cat, The Emperor of Heave is going to be give us titles. Wake up quickly and go to the tournament together!” The Cat, too lazy to get up, narrowed his eyes and said, “I’m very sleepy. Call me again when it’s the right time.” He turned around and fell asleep again. The Rat felt tasteless, and no longer chattering with the Cat, and rush to deliver messages to other animals.

Kind Rooster but was cheated by the Dragon

The Rooster heard the news of the martial arts contest. He was afraid that the elder brother Dragon did not know, so he went to tell the Dragon. However, brother Dragon was not happy to hear this. He said to the Rooster, “you see, I’m full of meat, and my head is bare, not like the Ox with a pair of sharp horns. The Dragon looked up and saw a pair of beautiful horns on the top of the Rooster’s head. He immediately made an idea and said, “Oh, lend me your horns and return it to you after the contest. Is that OK, Rooster brother?”

The Rooster couldn’t stand the request, but he was not at ease. He said to brother Dragon, “if you borrow my horns and don’t return it to me, what should I do?” At this time, the meddlesome centipede jumped out and interrupted: “I’ll be a supervisor of the Dragon. If he doesn’t return those horns back, I’ll help you!” And then, the Rooster agreed to borrow the horns to brother Dragon.

All the animals wanted to show their martial arts and fight for a title, except for the lazy sleeping Cat. The Zodiac competition finally began, and the animals came to the Palace early. But the Rat left to call the Cat again. However, the Cat is too lazy. So the Rat had to go to the martial arts contest alone. Although the Rat was a little late, it was still able to catch up.

Competition of Title Begins

When it’s noontime,the Emperor of Heaven sits on his throne, and the soldiers stayed along sides, which looked very imposing. With the sound of a drum, the contest began.

The first to show was the Ox. It ground the corners to be bright, sharp, and trimmed, with a flick of its tail and a swing of its skull. The rest of the animals did not dare to start at will when they saw this posture. Even brother Tiger, who was called the king of the mountain, did not dare to move forward, but just calculated on one side. The Ox’s heart is secretly delighted, “I must be the first place!”

After hearing the sound of “Shhh”, did not know where the Rat was coming from, climbed onto the Ox’s back towards the hind legs of it, looked down at the bone of the back, and pulled it. This time, the cow rolled on the ground in pain and tried to roll over and crushed the mouse. However, it could not turn over, nor could it crush the Rat. It was just shouting in anger.

So the Rat became the first one. Tiger thought that the tiny Rat could defeat the giant Ox, why can’t he? So the Tiger came to challenge the Ox, but the Tiger lose finally. So the Ox is second, the Tiger was the third one.

As a result, the Rat won as the first one, while the rest were Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragons, Snake, Horses, Goat Monkey, Rooster, Dog, and Pig. The Emperor also gave them a right to in charge of each hour in order. And that’s how Chinese Zodiac forms in this legend.

This is not the end of this legend. 

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What happened after for The Rat and the Cat

After the title contest, all kinds of animals left heaven and returned to earth. When the Rat came back, he went to see the Cat again. The Cat has just opened its eyes. The Rat said, “the title contest has over.” When the Cat heard it, she was so angry that a kite turned over. Her beard was raised and called out: “why didn’t you call me earlier?” “I have called you several times, but I can’t wake up you. Why do you blame me?” The Cat just “wheezing” for breath. Suddenly, the Cat “Hoo”, to get up to bite the Rat, who just shuttled in a small hole. From this time on, the Cat and the Rat became enemies. As soon as a Cat sees a Rat, it will catch it and eat it.

A seed of resentment between the Rooster and Dragon

Besides, when the Rooster came back from the martial arts competition, he was a little pissed off that brother Dragon was still in front of him. And he went to ask brother Dragon for horns back. However, Dragon turned his face and didn’t admit it. The Rooster was so angry that he searched the supervisor centipede, who looked at the Rooster’s angry appearance and was so afraid of it.

The centipede went to find the Dragon, but the Dragon drill to the bottom of the water. The Rooster always flushed with anger, stretched his neck, and searched for centipedes everywhere. As soon as he finds it, he would open his mouth to eat it. After that, centipede wanted to help the Rooster to get the horns back, looking for Dragon everywhere. Whenever it rains heavily, as soon as the Dragon comes out, it will encounter a centipede, and the centipede will split the Dragon. When the Rooster is hungry, he always digs down and picks out the centipede to eat. Every day at dawn, the Rooster misses his own horn, pulls his throat, and calls: “brother dragon, return the horns to me, brother dragon, return the horns to me.”

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