What’s The Personality Of The Chinese Zodiac Rabbit

Chinese Zodiac Rabbit and bamboo painting

People who are born in the Year of Rabbit is the luckiest in the twelve Chinese Zodiac signs. Just as Chinese mythology says, it is a symbol of longevity and the spirit of the moon.

The Rabbit——Statue of Peace

Rabbit is a symbol of kindness, gentleness, kindness, and love of beauty so that they prefer a peaceful, quiet, and comfortable environment to work and live. They are very implicit, love art, and have strong judgment. Their spirit of starting from the beginning to the end will make them a good scholar perforce. They are good at working in the political field and government departments. But the rabbits can also become moody when deviating from his environment or be indifferent to people.

The Rabbit——High Negotiation Skills

They rabbits are particularly lucky in business and financial transactions. Because they are brilliant in business and know how to negotiate well, they can always put forward a suitable proposal or candidate scheme to profit from it. They are very keen on production, and their negotiation skills will make him rapidly improve in any career. When you are well-fed and are smoking high-grade cigars with satisfaction, they will draw out the contract for you to sign. When you realize it, it is too late.

A rabbit is working

Although the rabbits may be indifferent to other people’s opinions on the surface, they will fall in criticism. Their skill of “turning his face and not starting a war” is very deceptive. They will become more cunning within dedicated. They are gentle and kind to the people they love. But they would always put their withers in the first place than the other things. They firmly believed that it is easy for people to be friendly with each other, and they always tried to be civilized and polite, Even face to their enemies.

A rabbit may sometimes seem slow or overly cautious. Their carefulness and prudence determine this. It is certain that before signing any document, they must read a large number of relevant materials. They can evaluate people accurately and assess the situation and are often proud of it. This is also the fact.

The Rabbit——Well-Disguised

Because the rabbits are reticent, people tend to have illusions about his nature. For example, they have strong self-confidence that would not be hurt. By the way, it is challenging to grasp rabbits’ real thoughts.

In people’s impressions, the rabbits seem to be incapable of doing bad things. They rarely use harsh words and never uses vulgar words to explain problems. Their appearance is convincing. When you have something to ask for, they will always give you the best answer. They’re very sophisticated just like a stroke of a pen, and you are just another victim of theirs, now you understand why they cartoon create a crazy little rabbit could be able to get carrots from the tigers’ mouth.

cute rabbit

The rabbit——Good memory

This is the optimistic side of the rabbits. In any case, they can control themselves. They will pay attention to the license plate number of the runaway car, or remember the driver’s dress. When you clarify a question in the police station, they can silently recall every detail and help you answer all the difficult questions. His excellent memory could help you resolve a lot of problems when necessary.

The Rabbit——Your Life Tutor

There is no doubt that rabbits will take your mistakes and progress in the eye, if not severe or incurable; they will tolerate you because they have such a quality to help people correct their faults. People like them very much and welcome him. This philosophy of dealing with things made him rarely face enemies and trapped in trouble.No one is more compassionate than a rabbit. They are very comforting and can listen to your heart. They do act as a passive counselor because of their knowledgeable realist or a peace-loving.


In a word, people born in the rabbit year would understand life and consider other people’s sufferings. They know when it’s the right time to be tolerant. If there are any ways to avoid embarrassment, they will definitely do it.

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