Chinese Zodiac Dog: Personality Trait


Dogs should be the most loyal animals that are not only loyal to their owners, but also a perfect companion, and one of the most popular pets of contemporary. The dog ranks 11th in the Chinese Zodiac, what are the characteristics of the Zodiac dog?

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The dog-A Stubborn safeguard

The Zodiac dog has an excellent reputation for cynicism, but the character of the zodiac dog has a very stubborn side. It is appropriate to say that dogs in the world are both pleasing and repressive. Small dogs are lively and energetic, while big dogs are always regarded as harsh and chivalrous animals in Oriental astrology. Long term adherence to the protection of the public interest and the protection of the guards must belong to the essence of the zodiac dogs. Even if the zodiac Dog Man’s strength is weakened and his eyes are dim, he is still a loyal warrior. The spirit of the zodiac dog has been cast in this way. Zodiac dog hates moral degradation. They will fight against evil forces no matter what situation. Once there is a call for help, Zodiac dog will do their best. Zodiac dogs are generally honest and unassuming. They like to fight against injustice and are willing to listen to state their distress to share their unhappiness. Therefore, Zodiac dogs know how to get along with it. Zodiac dog does not readily believe in, and once they believe in the character of being frank, you can reach such a degree: if others try to attack those who are closely related to zodiac dog, others will taste the taste of fierce attack of zodiac dog on others, when they attack their families that the zodiac dog gets mad. Chinese Zodiac dogs work hard. They think it is necessary or necessary to do so. Otherwise, they will be lazy. Zodiac dog pays attention to practice, brave and fearless, speak straight, and judge everyone, including the zodiac dog man himself. Zodiac dog will show a cold and silent attitude towards those they don’t like.

The Zodiac Dog-Suspicious by nature

Zodiac dogs also worry about things they don’t have to worry about, guessing that crises may lurk in every corner of the world. And sometimes, Zodiac dog’s premonitions come true. But in any case, many Easterners and Westerners need a Chinese Zodiac dog friend at home to help them judge right from wrong. I can believe that the dog man will give others a good idea. Zodiac dog’s attitude of paying attention to facts is more conducive to help those who boast and boast of correcting their shortcomings. Zodiac dog does not like to express themselves, but out of the heart of goodwill, Zodiac dog thinks it is necessary to judge a person’s right and wrong, point out to the zodiac dog so that the zodiac dog can face up to themselves and reality. If Zodiac dogs think that they are right, they will never give in to the zodiac dogs. Once the dog man decides the zodiac, no force can influence the dog man of the planet. When arguing with their opponents, Zodiac dogs usually use their own rigorous and logical language to defeat each other. However, when their dispassionate arguments and self-defense are damaged, they will also take angry and fierce means of attack. Zodiac dog always openly quarrels with others, and never win in the dark.


The Dog-Hard working to Get What They Want

Dogs are vigilant in their eyes and hearts, and they are willing to make efforts for the healthy development of society. Who belongs to dogs are full of energy. Even if they encounter things that they can’t reach, they will act on decision-makers through their suggestions. Dog often can see that they are in a higher position than others, so they are not willing to stand out. For this reason, the dog will be considered as “lack of competition consciousness for honor”. The dog man buried his ambition in his heart and quietly engaged in his work. Born in the year of dog can restrain themselves, which makes them become counselors, priests, and psychologists. A dog can be competent in military work and become an excellent teacher, lawyer, judges, doctor, or leader of the transportation industry. They can also support and launch social movements from the perspective of pacifism. In the days of the crisis, the dog man will bear the hardships with tenacity and never complain. Many sages and wise men in the world were born in this ideal year of the dog.

Once the dog man has decided what he must do, he will never give up. Fortunately, these are engaged in the noble cause and can obtain many achievements. The dog man is diligent and devoted to his duty in these undertakings, which is the embodiment of justice. In most cases, the dog is born in the right family. Otherwise, the dog will leave the family and rely on self-improvement to improve their living status.

The Dog-A Good Judgement maker

Who belongs to dogs don’t trust easily, but once they do, they will be frank to such a degree: if others try to attack those who are closely related to dog owners, others will taste the taste of fierce attack by a dog when attacking a dog man’s home that a dog can be furious. The dog man works hard, and the dog-man thinks it is necessary to do so. Otherwise, the dog-man will also be lazy. The dog man pays attention to practice, is brave and fearless, speaks forthright, and judges everyone, including the dog man himself. Dog shows a cold and silent attitude towards what they don’t like.

Whether or not the dog owners admit it or not, the dog owners do have this characteristic: in their hearts, they classify according to their opinions as dogs, and they are divided into two levels. Other are friends or opponents to others, and dog don’t believe in the mean. If you are a dog man, you must find out what kind of person you are when you contact others. But the dog will not judge others without basis, even if they are a bit suspicious of others, just leave snacks for others. Even the most irascible and irritable dog man will not give a conclusion without any basis. However, once a dog man has his own opinion on someone, it is difficult to change it. As long as it is within the scope of responsibility, dog owners are willing to help them work. The disadvantage of being a dog man is that he has weak endurance. Love life is not like the horse; the tiger can madly fall into love, dog quietly nestling in love with their loved ones, and dog with great care.

Finally, I’d like to say, Zodiac dog is generally very gentle personality, full affinity score, but relatively slow and hot, will not easily believe others, but if you get along for a long time, will be very sincere, is the best choice for good friends.


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