What’s Your Chinese Zodiac Sign? Pick It Up!

As the number of 12 implies, there are 12 zodiac signs, and then they are arranged in a certain order. Usually, the next year of each zodiac is obtained by adding 12 to the previous year of the zodiac.

Then, by analogy, we can know the year number of the twelve zodiacs so that we can infer your Chinese Zodiac Sign as well. Let’s Get Down To It!

Year comparison table of the twelve zodiac animals (1918-2061)

year comparison of the Chinese zodiac

Another Factor of deciding your Chinese Zodiac

In China, there are solar calendar and  lunar calendar. Most festivals are using the lunar calendar as same as the Chinese Zodiac.And I want to tell you that even you are born in 1998,but you may still belong to the Ox sign. Because of your lunar birth month had not reach to the lunar 1998 !  

Before you know the second method, you also need to know about the lunar calendar.

What’s the lunar calendar?

The lunar calendar is one of the ancient Chinese calendars. In a normal year, there are 12 months, 30 days in a solar month , 29 days in a lunar month. And there are 354 or 355 days in a whole year. Since the average number of days in a year is about 11 days less than that in a solar year, seven leap months are set up in every 19 years, the year with the leap month has 13 months (383 days or 384 days, but the number of leap months is not certain) . According to the position of the sun, a solar year is divided into 24 solar terms, which is convenient for farming. The chronology is matched with heavenly stems and earthly branches, and the sixty year cycle begins again and again. Commonly known as the lunar calendar. This calendar had originated in the Xia Dynasty(B.C. 2033-1652). So Chinese people also name it Xia Calendar.

The Lunar Chinese New Year is another dividing point For Chinese Zodiac

Chinese usually celebrate the Chinese New Year, also called the Spring Festival, in January of February each year. And the time is subject to the lunar calendar as well.So you can also infer your Chinese Zodiac Sign by the Chinese lunar calendar.

If your birth month was before the lunar Chinese New Year, you still belong to the Ox.If Your birth month was after the lunar Chinese New year,you would belong to the Tiger.

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