The Use Of Mascot In Chinese Zodiac

What does the Mascot Mean in China?

According to the explanation in Chinese Record, the Mascot is the product of human primitive culture, which was formed in the struggle of human primitive with nature.

 In this struggle with nature, human beings first focus on survival needs. In development, they naturally form the instinct concept of tending to good fortune and avoiding evil.

The Concept Of Mascot

People all hope that their lives can be safe and full of happiness, but we will inevitably encounter some difficulties and setbacks in daily life. As the saying goes: “nine out of ten events in life are not as good as one’s wishes.”

Therefore, when facing an unpredictable future, Chinese ancestors created many symbols to pray for the smooth progress of everything. These yearning for and wishes of happiness and good fortunes, so as called the Mascot.

In all of the Chinese Zodiac Signs, the Dragon is the earliest mascot representing the human spirit and culture in China. It is still the main image of mascot design and application in China today because they are more likely to represent 5000 years of history and culture of China.

The Mascot is widely used in everywhere

Not only in China, but the also application of Mascot is commonly used everywhere. For instance, people would create a Mascot image for some critical events, like the Olympics and World Cup.

The appearance of mascots in sports events conveys a more vital Sports Spirit and shows that people’s blessings for the event to be prosperous.

Chinese Zodiac Mascot

A mascot is usually the shape of an animal. In China, the Chinese Zodiac is one of the most common and popular mascot products. Mostly, Chinese People will wear the Chinese Zodiac necklace or bracelets with the shape of their own Chinese Zodiac Sign to bless themselves to welcome a lot of good fortunes and dispel the bad lucks.
When it comes to the Chinese Zodiac Mascot, there are various of Chinese Zodiac Mascot Products. Chinese people believe that they can enhance their fortunes subject to wear some certain Chinese Zodiac Mascots accessories or place some at homes.

How Beautiful These Amazing Chinese Zodiac Mascot Are

1.Chinese Zodiac Mascot Bracelet

Silver Monkey Bracelet

2.Chinese Zodiac Masoct Necklace

Zodiac Rabbit Necklace
Zodiac Rat Necklace

3.Chinese Zodiac Mascot Pendant 

Golden Monkey Mscot Pendant

Choose the proper Mascot for yourself

If we randomly buy some Chinese Zodiac mascot, we can not help us enhance our fortunes instead of bringing bad luck. Chinese People need to choose their good Mascot subject to the theories of “ Feng Shui” and “Compatibility” in the Chinese Zodiac.

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