Will you Clash “Tai Sui”? Check your Chinese Zodiac here


What is ” Tai Sui “?

If you have read some of my articles about the Chinese Zodiac, you may have noticed that there is a high presence word, “Tai Sui.” “Tai Sui” is a god that would affect Chinese Zodiac and always related to the fortunes. The relation between Zodiac Sign and “Tai Sui” would be a different subject to the Zodiac year’s change. As long as you know about your association with “Tai Sui,” you can avoid some problems and be luckier every year.


Is ” Tai Sui ” exist?

According to historical records, “Tai sui” is a celestial body assumed by the ancient Chinese. It moves at the same speed as the aging star (Jupiter) but in the opposite direction. Where Taisui reaches, there is meat like thing under the ground. It is the embodiment of “Tai sui.” If the earth moves in this direction, “Tai sui” will be disturbed. Thus, there is a Chinese Saying; There will be a disaster if the earth moves over the “Tai Sui.”

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In Chinese folk, “Tai Sui” has always been regarded as a mysterious and unpredictable power that can control and influence people’s destiny. It’s never gone, it’s shown everywhere.


As a concrete creature, “Tai Sui” is real. According to the explanation of modern microbiologists, “Tai Sui” is a sticky bacteria that looks like Fungi. It has strong vitality and lives in the soil.


How Do ” Tai Sui ” Affect Chinese Zodiac?


Because of the superstition of ancient Chinese, they often regard the bad luck and misfortune as God’s punishment. And one of the God would punish the Chinese Zodiac is “Tai Sui,” which would form different situations subject to Your Zodiac Sign.


There are 5 kinds of situation of ” Clash Tai Sui ” :


  1. “Chong Tai Sui”: The “chong” means big shock in Chinese . There will be a trend to leave the current place if your Zodiac is being punished. Such as moving houses, moving companies, job-hopping, job-hopping, relatives and friends turning against each other, serious illness, dilapidated, going out and getting angry with others, etc


  1. “Broken Tai Sui”: Break the damage. The luck is prone to sudden injuries, such as destruction, financial loss, damage to good friends, cooperation, and physical damage.


  1. “Stop By Tai Sui”: There are obstacles in the year, the mood is restless, and the health is prone to problems. It is better to stay in place and develop in the same place


  1. “Harmed By Tai Sui”: This year, it is easy to be framed up, betray friends, fail in cooperation, food poisoning, illness of oneself or relatives and friends, loss caused by misleading, complaint, etc.


  1. “Judge By Tai Sui”: Criminal interpretation is a criminal injury penalty. Be careful of lawsuits, villains, fines, professional failures, or health problems of your relatives.


Note: “Chong Tai Sui” is the worst one among all the “Clash Tai Sui” situations.


2020: Which Chinese Zodiac Sign will be affected by “Tai Sui”?


  1. Rat(STOP BY TAI SUI”):


The year 2020 is also a Rat year. Generally speaking,the Rat would encounter significant fluctuations and get the transition in 2020.


  1. Horse(“Chong Tai Sui”):


The Horse would suffer from a dangerous influence by the “Clash.”So the Horse has to be careful this year. There may be many obstacles, and their fortunes fluctuate considerably, and disasters continue to rise and fall. Also, there will be many bad lucks this year. The worst thing is that there is no lucky star taking care of the Horse for the whole year. 2020 is doomed to be a miserable year for the Horse.


  1. Rabbit(“Judge Over Tai Sui”):


The Rabbit would have a fluctuate year and come across a lot of unhappiness in 2020. In terms of health, there is a risk of accidental injury and bleeding. The career seems to be developing well, but the interpersonal relationship is not right, so it is easy to get into trouble with work. And need to spend money to eliminate disasters. But not all of them are bad things. In 2020, whether they are married or unmarried, they can enjoy live happily.


  1. Goat(“Harmed By Tai Sui”):


For the Goat, this year’s life and work are doomed to be not smooth. They always encounter unexpected resistance to hinder the healthy development of things. If they are harmed by “Tai sui,” their health, career, and feelings will be damaged and framed. For work, they’re prone to miscalculation and loss of fame and fortune. Their health may suffer from accidental injuries, and natural and human-made disasters happen from time to time. On the whole, the fortunes of the Goat this year are mixed by happiness and some unhappiness.


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