Note: The following dates and months are calculated according to the Chinese lunar calendar, and the corresponding Gregorian calendar dates are shown.

January: [2021.02.3-2021.03.5]

Once the Chinese Zodiac Rat enters the lunar January in 2021, they can often make full use of their intelligence and talent, achieves excellent results. 

Besides, their wealth in 2021 will meet a good start since the Chinese New Year. However, the Rat cannot be too arrogant and over proud about their coming good fortunes. Avoid the harm that others will do because of jealousy. 

At the beginning of the Chinese New year, it’s better to find some ways to boost luck. 


The Rat in February will see their wealth and academic prosperity are booming. And it’s beneficial for the Rat who are still studying in school. The other Rat people might catch some opportunities to boost career development.


The Chinese Zodiac Rat would be more executive in particular tasks and achieve success. 

This month, leaders would be expected to be noticed by leaders and entrusted with important tasks or even promoted. 

However, they need to pay attention to eating habits, strictly prevent gastrointestinal discomfort.


In April of 2021, it seems like the Rat would face to a fortune downhill.

Taking huge and challenging tasks is quite difficult to obtain the recognition of leaders or colleagues. The wealth and mood are not smooth too. 

However, it is not that bad as long as keeping a positive attitude. The Rat needs to calm down, be cautious, and lay a good foundation for the tasks, treat people humbly, and exchange more with colleagues. As long as they are not afraid of difficulties would still have the opportunity to find a significant breakthrough in the problem.


Chinese Zodiac belongs to rat people in May of 2021 would face more unfortunate events. 

They quickly cause trouble, or bad people slander people. Not only do they need to be confident and calm down while facing difficulties, but they also need to always look at everything in the past to be stable and changeless. 

Also, Catching up with bad things can talk to friends more and open their minds with sincere family. 


The fortune in June of 2021 for the Zodiac Rat is similar to May and March. Be cautious about eating healthily and might be misunderstood by the leaders. They must make a chart to create a plan about the working process, and make sure they have explained the contract clearly with customers.

cute rat


After nearly three months of fortune downhill, the Chinese Zodiac Rat could finally see the hopes to welcome good luck in July of 2021. They would make a breakthrough in the career, and their operating performance would be significant.

However, this month is not suitable for the Rat to apply for the loans and pay attention to cooperating with others, which should be steady to avoid unnecessary disputes. They should also bear in mind the experience of full loss and modest benefit and do not be conceited. Otherwise, they would fail quickly.


In August of 2021, no matter how tough the tasks would be, the Rat needs to complete them step by step to win supervisors’ trust. Once the supervisor sees their hardworking, the Rat could be more likely to have the promotion chance.

Although the task pressure is heavy in the month and the competition is fierce, and there will be a small loss of money. 

Don’t question the leaders in the meeting. 

By the way, whether it is an investment or business negotiation and cooperation with others, keep a third eye on it.


The wealth fortune seems to be great for the Rat in September of 2021. They might as well make a little investment but find a nice counselor first.


After a big breakthrough in the career, the Rat make more money than the other month. But they should never be lazy to acquire new knowledge. Keep studying is important.


In November of 2021, the Rat may need to be cautious when getting along with people. Do not gossip for others to avoid unnecessary conflicts.

In terms of emotional development, be honest to the counterpart and proactively care about each other.


In the last month of 2021, the Rat needs to spend more money than the other month, leading to unhealthy wealth status.

Because of the low financial status, they need to restrain the desire for consumption. Less buying products they don’t need and save more money for any future emergencies in case.

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