What’s The Personality of Zodiac Tiger?


If you are born in the Tiger year,you are always brave and fulfill with wisdom in a team.Check out more information about the Chinese Zodiac Tiger,become your own King by knowing about yourself!

Tiger Years: 1962,1974,1986,1998,2010,2022.

      Everybody knows Tiger is the king of the mountain and born with power. But what is the characteristic of people who are born in the year of Tiger?

          Let’s check it out together! 

The Tigers——What’s in their mind? 

        Since the tigers are born indefatigable and somewhat reckless, they usually like to act quickly without careful thinking. The tigers are suspicious and vacillating and often make hasty decisions. It is difficult for the tigers to believe that they belong to anyone or to calm down their tempers. The tigers never hide a secret in their hearts.

         At the same time, the Tiger is always honest, tender, and generous, so that they have a wonderful sense of humor. The inner world of the tigers is romantic. Love or marriage with the tigers will have a lot of emotions, but they would always be jealous and also love to quarrel with others. The tigers may have the best experience in the first stage of their life. In the early years of the tigers’ growth, they will learn to control their fiery temper.

             In their youth and adulthood, they will concentrate on pursuing success and fulfilling their dreams if the tigers would do things before twice thinking, which would decrease the rate of making trouble. But it’s complicated. The tigers often believe what they do sometimes will regret what they have done and suffer from pain instead of happiness.


The Tigers——Be Their Friends

The tigers are always kind and love to focus on everything that would catch their eyes. Once a tiger is involved in something, he will pay 100% energy, and even his breath has to be on top of it.  Others can believe that the tigers will exert 100% power or even higher power to complete their jobs. The life of Tiger is usually like Bohemian style when they are young, and some people would not change it as they get used to it already.

The tigers show healthy contempt for things they don’t agree with, ridicule, and scold the society bound by traditional ideas. And if you’re suffering from some unfair problems that would hurt you, your tiger friend would stand out for you. It is so cool.

         The tigers always want to express themselves with some specific personalities. If there is an opportunity to rebel or challenge the traditional way, the tigers will fully participate. If this is a flaw, who will not love them? No, nine out of ten will cheer for such a “flaw.” We may not agree with the Tigers’ recklessness and be surprised by the Tigers’ crazy bold behavior. The tigers’ success is just like our own success.


However ⇓

     When tigers are depressed, they need sincere sympathy. Logic is not popular among tiger people. Don’t be stingy when comforting tigers. If things get better, Tiger will double to repay others to show their appreciation. Tiger will listen to the wisdom of others, and will firmly grasp every word of good advice. 


The Tigers——Optimistic and Strange Angel 

        No matter how poor the tigers are, how deeply they are hit, and disappointed, they will not be discouraged. Even if there is only one spark left, the Tiger’s people will rekindle the fire of life. The immortal spirit can revive the tigers and become vigorous. Facing pressure, tigers may have dependence, but the tigers are still known for their dominant attitude.

        Some are gentle, sensitive, and compassionate, while others are stubborn, selfish, and unreasonable. When a tiger is angry, it is best to tie the tigers’ hands. How? Give them time to calm down or do not stimulate them. When a Tiger shouts at somebody and gives vent to his aversion out, the Tiger will rethink its bad behavior, and sooner or later, tiger people will be regretful and try to make it up to fix the broken mirror. And maybe you’ll think tigers are a little strange.



The Tigers——Rush Tempers

       Tiger would be one of your best friends in your life, but one thing you have to keep in mind is, the tigers would easily be mad at these situations, such as when they are looked down on when they are neglected and also the moment make them feel shameful. When frustrated, tigers will become the meanest and despicable thugs others encounter. Vengeance will make the Tigers do anything and even destroy the house.

        Other people’s neglect will make the Tigers extremely angry, even though the tigers can calm down in the face of significant events. Remember: Tiger people hate to be despised. Interestingly, the two significant shortcomings of tiger people in their life are recklessness and indecision, which are a pair of contradictions. If the Tigers can learn to balance their shortcomings, they will have a very successful life path.

        In short, the life of tigers is capricious, sometimes laughing, sometimes tearful, and sometimes very disappointed. We don’t need to be pitiful for tiger people, and they don’t need other people to do that. If the tigers are allowed to live in the way they choose, life will have endless fun. The biggest fun for the tigers is to meet a new challenge to complete higher achievements.

Here is the end.

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