What’s The Characteristics of The Zodiac Ox


The Year Of the Ox: 1961,1973,1985,1997,2009.

If you are born in the year of the Ox, your Chinese Zodiac belongs to the Ox. What are the Ox’s characters in Chinese Zodiac?

Let’s take a look at it.

The Ox-Reliable And Work Hard

Because the Zodiac Ox is very stable and reliable, they will easily be trusted by the leaders, and Where the job is difficult, there are Ox people. At the same time, the Ox is also a natural leader; they are very good at self-discipline. The Ox is likely to make significant success in the future. The Zodiac Ox will devote themselves to the work they do and hate to give up halfway. The Ox insists that everyone should do their jobs well and don’t make trouble for others. However, Most people all respect and admire the Zodiac Ox because of their honesty, hard-working, responsibility, and solid principle.

The Ox-Too Stubborn

The shortcomings of the Zodiac ox are that they follow the rules and regulations very strictly and are not easy to be familiar with. Although the Zodiac Ox are conventional, they are still fair and can listen to others’ opinions. However, it will be tough to change their point of view because the Zodiac Ox is very stubborn and sometimes even biased. Zodiac Ox is not wise and does not know how to care about others. It often shows military demeanor, which makes them not suitable for working in public relations, diplomacy, and meticulous work.

The Ox-Sensitive 

People who belong to the Ox are sensitive. One second you may still be playing crazy with people belonging to Ox. The next second you will see the Zodiac Ox quietly doing their things silently. Stick to what they are interested in. Believing in eternity and being afraid of being hurt is a very different sign of the Zodiac. I like everything warm. Love all free sunshine things, do things firmly, persistent, not false. People who belong to Ox have lasting and stable feelings towards you. They let you find charming of the Ox person, calm, steady, rational, dedicated, and persistent. And they are mature to rely on. When you need him most, he can provide the most reliable guarantee. No matter at home, in career, in life, he shouldered the responsibility of protecting you. This is the Zodiac ox.

People who belong to Ox are considerate of others. They care about others more than themselves. They care about the influence of what they say on others. Especially for those who always value themselves, if they will burden each other, they prefer to bear everything in silence. The ox is the most honest and soft-hearted Zodiac of the twelve Zodiac animals, and it is also a very lonely one.

The Ox-Innocent and easy to be cheated

The Ox is easily cheated in terms of money, and their economic concept is weak, which quickly leads to squandering, so they often suffer from the pain of money. Economically, the expenses of the Ox are more than their income. In this case, it is better to stay away from casinos as far as possible. It’s better to avoid speculation. If you have money to do something dangerous, your daily life is hectic, and you are always running around. Therefore, generally speaking, life is not very stable. Due to the lack of money management concept, it is not related to wealth. However, there is a prosperous life and little savings around, but the ups and downs are not very big.

The Ox-Emotional 

Cattle like to be alone, think about their things, do their things, indulge in their world. Zodiac cattle emotional fluctuations: for a thing can be mood suddenly down, sometimes unexplained irritability, melancholy. But the people who belong to cattle are kind-hearted and sympathize with the weak. They often like to fight against injustice and dare to love and hate. Hate hypocrisy, pretentiousness, hypocrisy, playing tricks, gossip. Some small vanity, love first, dare to love, enjoy the satisfaction of being appreciated and supported by lovers. Speak forthright, often in the boss’s tone, to persuade friends, but they often do things. The appearance is bright and healthy, and the heart is hesitating and dark. People who belong to cattle are beautiful and lovely, with intense action and strong appeal; the complicated side is mixed with wildness, otherness, indifference, self, and hesitation.



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