Analyze The Personality Of The Dragon

The Year Of The Dragon: 1964,1976,1988,2000,2012,2024 The dragon is a fictional animal. In ancient China, the dragons were a symbol of the emperor’s power and a symbol of good luck. Although the Dragons were ranked the fifth among the twelve zodiac animals, its status in the Chinese’s mind was very high. What will be the characteristics of this zodiac dragons? Let’s have a look!

Are dragons exist?

The giant and magnificent dragons in mythology and legend dragons may have infinite reverie. Therefore, the dragons’ magical quality is imaginary or not; It must also contain in the hearts of those born in the year of the dragons. In China, the dragons symbolize the emperor or the male, which represents power.

The dragons——A Born Leader

The child of the zodiac dragons would like to take on significant responsibilities, even if the child is the youngest in the family. The Chinese see the dragons as a guardian of wealth and power. Of course, the zodiac dragons belong to the symbol of success, but they are also arrogant signs obsessed with power.

The dragons——A Mysterious Zodiac

The weather conditions at birth could have a significant influence on the future life of the dragons. Children born in the storm will take a dark and adventurous life path and experience more difficulties or hardships. The zodiac dragons man, born in the day when the sea and the sky are calm, will be protected all his life, and such a Zodiac dragons-man will have a lovely disposition. It is worth remembering that although the dragon dazzles, the mind has no depth. Only when the zodiac dragons can control the legendary power to create miracles. The zodiac dragons need friends and family’s full trust and understanding.

What is the dragon’s life?

The dragons usually don’t like to waste and are not stingy. The dragons are very generous and never care about the balance of the zodiac dragons’ balance unless they happen to stay with any Zodiac that owes money. Zodiac dragons either marry very early or either single. Zodiac dragons will be delighted to live a single life because work and career occupy most of their time. There will always be friends or admirers to accompany the zodiac dragons. Others never lose faith in honest Zodiac dragons. Zodiac dragons rarely waver, cowardly, or push the responsibility, never suspicious. Because of the pioneering spirit inherent in the zodiac dragons, they try to become famous at one stroke. Zodiac dragons are magnanimous, full of vitality and strength. For the dragons of the Zodiac, life is a colorful flame for them to be energetic all the time.

Personalities of the Dragon

Though the zodiac dragons are self-centered, biased, arbitrary, whimsical, demanding, or unreasonable, they have never lost their admirers. Because of their pride, uprightness, and frankness, the dragons have set their ideals very early in their lives and require others to have the same high standards. Zodiac dragons are very active. They will not sink for a long time. Even when they are in depression, they will break free faster than others. The dragons of the Zodiac are happy and oppose slovenly. For things that need to be done immediately, the zodiac dragons will do it in person, rather than by writing or calling. When the zodiac dragons are present, others’ attention will turn to the dragons and listen to them carefully. In contact with the dragons, can also stimulate everyone’s enthusiasm. Zodiac dragons do not need to be inspired by others because they can generate enough energy. The impatience, desire and religious passion of the dragons on the Chinese Zodiac are burning like the fire from the dragon’s mouth in the fable. Zodiac dragons have the potential to do great business because the zodiac dragons like to do things boldly. However, if the zodiac dragons can not control your precocious enthusiasm, they will burn themselves into a wisp of green smoke. Zodiac dragons’ character is natural to become fanatical, no matter what they do, they always make a big show.

The dragon——powerful in every aspect

If you are one of the very rough Zodiac dragons, you are likely to be very destructive. Why? Because it is very difficult or impossible to compete with the mighty dragons, they often threaten those who dare to challenge them. Exasperated Chinese Zodiac dragons will squat in front of someone’s house like a big gray wolf and puff out clouds and mists outside until someone else’s house blown down. They don’t have many enemies that would defeat you in some particular way.  

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