Chinese Zodiac: Personality Comparison of Their Advantages and Weakness

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Each Chinese Zodiac represents an accordingly animal. Besides, people do have personalities similar to their zodiac animals. With this quality, you can quickly get along with people in business negotiations, parties, and other social activities as long as you read this article and understand the Chinese Zodiac’s strengths and weaknesses.


Real Rat


  1. Pay attention to feelings, have great ambition, proper financial management, smart, energetic, meticulous, humorous, and humorous. Versatile.
  2. More active and changeable, and have a strong desire for profit.
  3. Full of imagination, very good at taking advantage of opportunities, lively and pleasant.
  4. Rodents are sensitive, omnipotent, and good at multi angels of management.
  5. Intense Curiosity always wants to know more information from the people around them. 


  1. Not enough courage to do more significant business
  2. Stubborn to insist on their opinions and focus on the short-term benefits
  3. Have the habit of staying up late.
  4. Be kind but not very polite in manner.
  5. A little selfish individualism.
  6. Good at finding chances but picky and not ambitious enough.


Ox And Cattle


  1. Hardworking, indomitable, strong-willed, enterprising and eager to lead;
  2. Honest and reliable, a strong sense of responsibility, able to bear hardships and stand hard work;
  3. Care for others, modest and prudent, have a sense of justice, love to fight against injustice, pragmatic and conservative, more stable, tolerant, consistent, and uncompromising.
  4.  not easily affected by others or the environment, according to their ideas and ability to do things.

  5. Have a bull temper, distinguish right from wrong, step by step, have a strong sense of enterprise, the most endurance.

  6. have a strong desire for self-expression in the heart, so not suitable for new work. 


  1. Sometimes self-pity tendency, stubborn, not accept elegant words, sometimes impulsive; do not love social life, lack of contingency ability, reduced expression; conservative, determined, subjective, and arbitrary tendency.
  2. Women in Zodiac OX are less delicate than the man. If they realize their shortcomings, change their rigid and indifferent attitude, and actively express themselves, they will also be satisfied with their feelings.
  3. Because of hard work and stubborn personality, the Ox often forget to eat special meals and have intestinal problems. It’s as inflexible and uninteresting as a rock.
  4. I don’t trust others very much. I hold my own opinion and keep silent.



  1. His personality is more stubborn, arbitrary, and independent. He likes to take risks and be brave. The more frustrated he is, the more ambitious he is. He is full of confidence in himself.
  2. Rich, masculine, and an enthusiastic, brave, adventurous spirit are too ordinary.
  3. Do things actively and boldly express themselves, deal with things with hegemony.
  4. Do what you say, never regret.
  5. Love activities, good publicity, noble heart, straightforward temperament, easy to win trust.
  6. Appearance is not angry but mighty, with deep self-confidence. Aleading character that is resolute and indomitable and will never bow down. He will never rest until he has finished everything. He can be qualified for the post of leader.
  7. If they don’t prepare for anything first, they don’t hoard things for a rainy day.
  8. Tiger people naturally like to accept challenges, do not wish to obey people, and follow them.


  1. They are arrogant, not modest, and tend to be self-righteous; they are careless, easy to move their feelings, and easily believe others.
  2. He is rebellious, often overconfident, and unable to coordinate with others. He likes to be independent and often shows extreme Rui.
  3. Lack of romantic sentiment, cruel treatment of his wife, lack of happy family life.
  4. Although they know each other widely, they are unable to get in touch with each other. They are obstinate in their own opinions. They are arbitrary and overbearing to achieve their goals. They like to stimulate and have strong self-awareness.
  5. In terms of investment, they like those who can recover in a short period. If it is too long, you will not be interested and love money.



  1. Calm mind, gentle personality, considerate person.
  2. Language talent and sharp eloquence are prevalent.
  3. Changeable personality, quite conservative, cool-headed.
  4. Love quiet love life.
  5. He is good at communication, friendly, has rich topics, talks, and laughs elegant and prudent. He is averse to quarrel with others and has a gentle temperament to turn an enemy into a friend.
  6. O blood’s rabbit is bold and bold, and once the style is revealed, it becomes brave and resolute.
  7. Both men and women advocate family supremacy.
  8. They are exquisite, hospitable, courteous, compassionate, and helpful.
  9. Rabbit people seem to be kind-hearted and kind, usually do not adhere to their ideas. They will never get angry quickly because they are kind-hearted.


  1. With the tendency of fraternity and the public’s attitude towards lovers, it is easy to have emotional disputes.
  2. Lack of thinking and decision-making, often due to emotional failure.
  3. He is a good gentleman on the surface, and everything is a promise, but his heart is quite stubborn.
  4. Most of them don’t want to live too monotonous and boring. They will continuously create interest in life, but they are not good at studying things intensely.
  5. Everything is too cautious, unwilling to disclose to others, with the tendency of escapism, too conservative, and lose the opportunity.
  6. Women are more worried and kind, gentle, and delicate.




  1. People who belong to the Dragon have a muscular physique, abundant energy, vigor, and vitality, have lofty ideals, luxurious romantic atmosphere, and belong to those who love face and have style.
  2. People who belong to the Dragon do not admit defeat. They are overconfident in themselves, have strong self-awareness, are more self-centered, have lofty goals, have a free personality, have the talent and leadership ability, and have a substantial fortune.
  3. The Dragon is honest, abhorrent of vile hypocrisy, and does not like to gossip, not afraid of difficulties; everything wants to be perfect; there is a tendency to pursue perfection.
  4. He is a radical, arrogant, and arrogant person, and has an unconventional idea that he is more reliable than others.
  5. Women belonging to the Dragon are bold, warm, generous, and considerate, and they are the favorite objects of general men.
  6. The Dragon is a symbol of power, and the favored son of heaven is endowed with extraordinary wisdom, courage, talent, generosity, and magnificence.


  1. More emotional and emotional instability, have a dream, but some unrealistic, at a loss, unpredictable, arrogant personality, and lack of magnanimity.
  2. It’s hard to resist the gentle pink trap, and there are so many colorful romances in my life.
  3. Few people love others, so they don’t feel disappointed in love. On the contrary, those who fall in love with him suffer from them.
  4. He often criticizes others because he can’t bear the low working ability of others. He is too picky and has a perfectionist mentality.
  5. Although his talent is outstanding, he is conceited. Sometimes he can’t stand setbacks and tests. Once he fails, he runs away. He lacks perseverance.

6. Snake


  1. He has a mysterious and romantic appearance and a skillful attitude towards life. He is elegant and good at speech and is good at drilling.
  2. He is calm and calm, has the unique ability, and has the fighting spirit and spirit to carry out.
  3. Don’t show off your talent, but follow the plan step by step.
  4. Opportunities often monopolize the opportunity, dream of their strength to create a successful career, but lack a spirit of cooperation and easy to fail.
  5. He is silent and does not get angry quickly and thinks twice about everything is a wise intellectual.
  6. I am fortunate in my life. I never lack money and have a strong desire for money.
  7. He is keen on thinking and plain in nature, but he can make quick decisions and make smart decisions. He has brains and abundant inspiration.


  1. The surface is cold and possessive and has a weak personality. It is not easy to get close to or show sincerity, and it is not easy to associate with people.
  2. He was born vain and often had a suspicious eye.
  3. Emotional instability, feelings easy to produce twists and turns.
  4. Know advance and retreat, excellent communication, heart with a little jealousy, not easy to get along with the surrounding people, substantial feelings, and money.
  5. Although his attitude is courteous and polite, he is a stubborn person who does not admit defeat.
  6. Love deeply, and single-minded can not tolerate the other party’s betrayal.

7. Horse

Tall horse


  1. Cheerful, romantic, enthusiastic, good at words, and have a bright outlook on life.
  2. Heroism is very heavy, often for others, to fight against injustice.
  3. Everything can not be extended; love is straightforward and productive, love blowing, and common fate in the distance.
  4. Free and unrestrained, not confidential, say do make friends, get along well with others, like to take care of others, often open the chest to
  5. The speech is beautiful and can lead the masses. He usually knows the other party’s thoughts and trends before others speak because of his keen insight.
  6. He has many ideas and an underlying sense of not giving in. He will stick to what he has decided to do, even if he is frustrated.
  7. Extremely talented in all aspects and agile in limbs.
  8. Xiao Ma pays attention to the gorgeous clothes and clothes and likes plastic surgery in front of the mirror.


  1. He has healthy blood and endurance. He has a hot temper and is addicted to drinking and gambling.
  2. Hate their lonely work, need the applause of the masses, and love others’ praise and worship.
  3. Healthy subjective independence, do not accept other people’s advice like to do as you like, hate to be bound.
  4. In love, men are a part of life, and women are the whole of life.
  5. O-type horses like to fly around in rich and luxurious occasions, so they want to engage in conspicuous work. They often give up halfway when they get involved in everything.
  6. The least good at financial management, often only know how to open source but not cut down.
  7. Usually, have a good face, love vanity mentality.


A goat in the farm


  1. He is considerate and considerate. He is enterprising and sociable. He has a gentle personality and a benevolent mind.
  2. The personality is introverted, laborious, and worried, and has soft and hard inside.
  3. Careful work gives people a sense of reliability, is sentimental, meticulous personality, thoughtful people.
  4. He is full of energy and brave to move forward.
  5. Kneeling milk lamb, filial piety life, work with muscular endurance, ongoing progress.
  6. They eat when they see green, which means that they can work hard, but they are subjective and stubborn. They prefer mysterious colors. They mostly believe in ghosts and gods. They are devout believers.
  7. He is eager to learn, even the trivial details.

Eight inconvenient to waste money, know thrifty, treat people kindly, love nature, have a noble and generous manner.

  1. He is very popular and can get noble people’s support to master the opportunity and develop his career.


  1. Sometimes they are pessimistic and hesitant. They like to obey the will of God and do not like routine work.
  2. Nature likes to be taken care of and praised by others and suggestions from friends.
  3. Do not dare to make bold love confession.
  4. Very subjective and stubborn, but the personality is weak and timid.
  5. A woman born in the year of the sheep is kind-hearted and likes to take care of others. She is usually a beautiful woman with a well-balanced body and useful facial features.
  6. Shyness was his characteristic, and he was interested in strange theories.



  1. High intelligence and generous mind, active and intelligent.
  2. Fair competition, quick-witted, polite, quick reaction, able to act according to circumstances.
  3. He has high social skills and is good at understanding people’s will. He soon gets along with people, but he doesn’t like being controlled by 4. He wants to pursue new things.
  4. Smart, witty, innovative, talented, good at speaking, and have a strong desire for self-expression.
  5. They are tenacious by nature, unwilling to admit defeat, and occupy a dominant position with multiple talents.
  6. Intense thirst for knowledge, extensive reading, fantastic memory, and flexible mind
  7. Be good at seizing the opportunity to expand development, resulting in the current situation and becoming a prominent entrepreneur.


  1. Do not study anything persistently. Smooth, some worldly sophistication, give people the impression of exquisite.
  2. He likes to talk big, and sometimes he has the opinions of the opposition, empty words, or deception. It’s not down to earth.
  3. He is fond of playing and lacks patience and perseverance. He has not seen far from his eyes. He is guilty of drinking and getting drunk.
  4. He is very dependent, exaggerates and loves vanity, and likes the new and dislikes the old. No matter what you do, it will not last too long.
  5. Cunning, hypocritical, impatient, unfaithful, arrogant, over-optimistic, self-confident, and fond of speculation.
  6. To achieve the goal, he likes to lie and cheat people, but can’t convince others by virtue. He is a typical opportunist.



  1. Do things forward, have courage, can persevere. Be firm and resolute. Talkative.
  2. Chicken people tend to do things very stable, have the ambition of a trendy modern school, the brain turns quickly.
  3. He is impatient and pays attention to his appearance. He likes to dress up. He is good at communication. He has the heart and perseverance. He is as confident as the kitchen.
  4. Chicken people tend to make broad friends, good at words, good at debate, and persuasive.
  5. Having strong sensitive about color.He is forthright in his speech. He says what he thinks without reservation. He often confronts the authority. He has strong self-confidence and likes luxury.
  6. Like to accept compliments, like to praise others, look down on those slovenly people.
  7. He is frank and active, humorous and witty, resourceful, dedicated, diligent, enthusiastic, and generous.
  8. Personality is more than concentration; everything is not willing to fall behind, the quick brain reaction.
  9. Thoughtful, hardworking, capable, responsible, strict discipline, loathe people.


  1. Some of them are fickle and have hot and cold psychology. They often talk on paper and are seldom put into action.
  2. Psychological dissatisfaction usually immediately responds without concealing.
  3. Self-centered, all centered on self-interest, optimistic but meant, short-sighted, often self-righteous, like to boast.
  4. If you don’t reserve your words, you will easily ignore the feelings and dignity of others. Not careful speaking is the most significant social resistance.
  5. Do not know how to accept other people’s advice, more stubborn, but it will be fair to teach others.
  6. I don’t like the traditional formal dress up but prefer the peculiar style.
  7. Like nagging, narrow-minded, arrogant, impatient, vain.


Cute dog


  1. Reliable willed, loyal, compassionate, able to bear hardships, with a lot of personal requirements.
  2. Rich in the sense of justice, sense of righteousness, emphasis on human relations and morality, and do everything in one’s best.
  3. Be bold and brave, act bravely for justice, be cautious and careful, and be modest and loyal.
  4. His nature is upright and straightforward, honest, and friendly, and he is faithful and reliable.
  5. Be compassionate and frank, and have no idea.
  6. Be diligent, dedicated, and ambitious.
  7. Quick in action, smart in mind, and quick in reaction.


1. there is a blind tendency, but sometimes things hinder face if you need to make friends Long-term observation does not trust others easily.

  1. Being a dog man, he has a strong dependence and is easy to worry about others and show his bravery.
  2. Focus on theory, but lack of action and judgment in reality. Don’t act arbitrarily. 
  3. Otherwise, you will easily suffer significant setbacks.
  4. He likes to criticize others, find out the truth, be suspicious, and be critical.
  5. Sometimes I feel closed or silent



  1. Sincerity and integrity, strict implementation, and excellent popularity.
  2. Straightforward, kind-hearted, individualistic, stubborn, generous, honest, open-minded, free from trifles, naive, and romantic.
  3. There is not much competition with people unless they will not lie in the last resort, behave appropriately, and be kind.
  4. The Pigs are intelligent, curious, generous, and straightforward.
  5. Friends have a long friendship. If you don’t make friends, you will take good care of them as soon as you become close friends.


1. not firm, emotional, self tolerant, lack of discrimination to lies.

  1. Good sleep, adequate sleep, kind heart, no suspicion of people, and often deceived.
  2. Acceptable criticism and poor communication.
  3. Irritability, rough temper and impulsive, lack of communication, and coordination spirit.
  4. Women are suspicious, jealous, and short of breath.
  5. Obstinate, vulgar, playful, and not enterprising.

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