The Monthly Prediction Of the Monkey In 2021

Note: The following dates and months are calculated according to the Chinese lunar calendar. The corresponding Gregorian calendar dates are shown.




The Monkey is spending Christmas

January: [2021.01.26-2021.02.24]

Good promotion chance for the Monkey in January of 2021, and they are going to get a promotion. But, the Monkey cannot have any quarrels with others, which would affect the good lucks.


In February, the Monkey may encounter many obstacles in our work and career. You should be prepared to face difficulties and improve our vigilance not to be disturbed by unexpected troubles.

 Please pay special attention to avoid the storm caused by verbal disputes, pay more attention to villains, never neglect, lest it becomes the beginning of the problem. However, it is not suitable for large-scale investment and risk investment. It is easy to have small contradictions and be on guard against the third party in terms of feelings.


In March of 2021, the haze from last month will go away. In the career that will usher in an excellent opportunity for development, you should seize the opportunity is. Thanks to the protection of “fortune star,” this month’s fortune will be prosperous.

If the money comes uninvited, you can try the risk investment, such as the lottery. Still, you must give priority to leisure and entertainment and don’t indulge in it. In terms of love, men and women’s heterosexual relationship is good; colorful is the emotional portrayal of this month. Good health, pay attention to food safety.

Colorful Monkey and a bird


In April, It is suggested that the best way for the Monkey is to develop based on the old business. Only by careful planning and active progress can you obtain a double harvest of youth and career. Remember to be good at timing. The fortune is very prosperous, and the windfall is also good so that you can make investment and profit appropriately.


In May of 2021, Special attention should be paid to health in this month’s fortune. Be careful of unexpected injuries, red injuries and disasters. 

In terms of career development, they can make good progress and have an excellent financial fortune. 

Also, you should pay attention to the fact that there are villains in charge, which will affect the normal development of work. In terms of love, men and women have an excellent heterosexual relationship, which is conducive to developing a career. However, you should pay attention to enough and do not affect everyday life.



This month’s fortunes are uncertain. It is not suitable to invest because of poor luck. You should not use our savings easily. You should be alert to everything related to money. Borrowing money with outsiders may mean losing money. 

 You should be careful not to be confused by the situation of steady development on the surface, so as not to be at a loss and to deal with mistakes. You should pay attention to cold treatment. In work will have a good performance, but you should pay close attention to the things around us, with eyes to know people, so as not to be framed by villains.


Although there may be some resistance, the progress is still smooth in terms of career development, so you should use flexibility to overcome rigidity. Also, attention should be paid to the coordination of interpersonal relationships to avoid the impact on the work and further affect the financial fortune. 

As for the financial status, the Monkey should be cautious about investment. At the same time, you should pay attention to prevent a large amount of money leaking out. You should carry out significant financial planning.


This month’s financial situation is OK, but you should carefully manage financial affairs and control expenditure to avoid savings loss. Due to poor fortune, it is better not to make a risky investment. Fortune is steady and upward, and planning is possible. As long as the cause is planned correctly, it will naturally achieve stable development.

 However, you should bear in mind that everything should not be done in a hurry. Decision-making must be made carefully. You should also pay more attention to the right and wrong of the tongue to avoid losing the big for the small. Physical health should be more rest; the diet should be regular, be aware of stomach problems.


Pay attention to subtle changes in your emotional and physical health this month. Anything is likely to be hindered, like a sailboat sailing against the wind.

 It is better to be prepared for difficulties and dangers, do forward-looking planning, work hard and focus on the future. Everything should be based on stability rather than rushing forward. Being smart will only lead to failure. 

Although there may be good income, it’s just overspending, and it’s hard to have a surplus. Beware of the financial crisis. It is not suitable for large-scale investment and risk investment. Emotional friction is easy to occur, beware of the third party. Pay more attention to health and diet.


This month, the fortunes have significantly improved. As long as you plan hard, you can make progress on a stable basis. Your career will develop smoothly. You can also get the help of noble people, and your luck will soar. However, you should pay attention to prevent the occurrence of emergencies and be alert to the disasters caused by accidents. 

Everything should be controlled by yourself to avoid the gradual change. Simultaneously, you can be more active in interpersonal aspects to improve the relationship, which is beneficial to people and people this month. The fortune is very prosperous, and the windfall is also good so that you can make investment and profit appropriately.

a monkey holding a peach


In December of 2021, the luck has been rising gradually. Still, it seems that everything of the Monkey is getting better in business and life, but there are many obstacles. Fortunately, there is still good luck in the future.

However, everything should be careful, everything should be stable, and difficulties can be smoothly overcome. Simultaneously, there may be some problems of right and wrong, which may easily cause significant disputes due to the general tongue and other troubles, even to the point of being difficult to deal with. It would help if you acted in an orderly manner, see the situation clearly, and respond flexibly to avoid making problems worse. These may be villains, pay special attention to their words and deeds to not be envied and unknown.

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