2020:What’s The Fortune Of The Rooster?


The Rooster and Taisui constitute a “Broken Taisui”, in a state of being trapped and in a weak position. In 2020, The Rooster may spend more time going to entertainment places to relax, Which makes you indulge in the situation of wine and sex. In 2020, you’re going to spend a lot of money that you shouldn’t have. Also, the Rooster is more likely to have negative emotions and insomnia because you feel down a lot. We will do a forecast about the Rooster’s fortune for 2020.


Career Development for the Rooster in 2020


When it comes to the Rooster’s career, your development will be affected by Taisui, which constituted the combination of “robbing money” and producing “food God”. That shows that in 2020, Rooster is not energetic in career and is influenced by your brothers and friends and indulges in pleasure to be too lazy. For those engaged in business, the year 2020 will not be conducive to competition and will be squeezed out by villains and affected by some negative emotions. Yet, you are not self-motivated enough to work and have little motivation and fighting spirit in your career. Thus, it is difficult for you to make a significant breakthrough or even show a downward trend. You are also vulnerable to the exclusion of competitors, and you do not have an advantage. You do not have much motivation to strive to make achievements, so your spirit and will have a decline.


Wealth Development for the Rooster in 2020


Omit financial luck, the year-old cadre will be the star of “robbing money” in 2020, and Taisui Zishui will be the power of Jiren to support Youjin. Therefore, in 2020, most of the Rooster people will spend money because of your wine and lust, or your brothers and friends will promote them to spend money in a disorderly way. Sometimes, it is also caused by desire. As a whole, you are more depressed because of your negative psychology. There is no reasonable opportunity for them to increase your fortune.


For those in business, there are not many opportunities in 2020, and you are comfortable to spend more because of various social activities and social intercourse. You can’t make ends meet and earn less. Of course, you will have less entertainment. If you don’t often go to entertainment places, this situation may be changed. Otherwise, there will be little money left.


Health Prediction for the Rooster in 2020


This year, the Rooster is considered to be a star of fortune. This year’s noble people and wealth will be smoother and smoother. However, we should also guard against the extreme situation of financial luck. A small number of people will have money coming and going. We must be vigilant and do an excellent job in financial planning. For those engaged in business, it is better to be involved in the liquidity industry this year. It is also suitable to expand overseas markets and earn foreign money. However, we should keep in mind that the year of the rat is mainly based on good fortune, and we should not be too aggressive in the direction of investment. If we are too greedy, we will meet with wealth and water.


Among them, those born in March, June, September, and December of the lunar calendar are easy to gain and lose. Although you have a good income, you also have a lot of unnecessary expenses. Your financial activities are transient and can not last for a long time. Most of those born in July and August of the lunar calendar are of weak life, which can also help boost financial prosperity; those born in October and November of the lunar calendar have a colder lifestyle and have enormous work pressure this year. Therefore, it is better to go out more.


The heterosexual relationship for the Rooster in 2020


This year, the peach blossom of the Rooster is prosperous, and the feelings are colorful. It is easy to have the opportunity to develop a long-term relationship. As for single women, peach blossom is the only general. Even if you meet a man who is close to his eyes, it may be that “the goddess has a heart, and the king of Xiang has no dream”, which is difficult to develop further.


If married people plan to have more children, the year of the pig is good. But, men are prone to encounter rotten peach blossoms. When facing a third party, you should not be too enthusiastic. It would help if you exercised proper restraint. Otherwise, once you fall into a triangle relationship, you may find it difficult to extricate from your marriage.


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