Fortune Prediction for Ox in 2020


In Geng Zi year 2020, the Ox people would be the noble Zodiac of the Rat, being helpful for the Ben Ming Zodiac: Rat. This year is excellent for the Ox, especially for those engaged in business and seek wealth, it represents a lot of good fortunes coming to the Ox. How about the specific fortune of the year 2020?

 Let’s talk about it.

Career Development for the OX

Usually, the Ox is preferred to do business slowly and not very talkative with people. But in Gengzi Year, the Ox seems like they gain a treasury that brings eloquence and wisdom to the Ox; they are more likely to engage in sales, outreach more customers, and earn a lot in the year of the Rat. Most people in the Ox can get a promotion opportunity, because of the global economic decline, the paycheck won’t go up too much. People may have some more significant working pressure in November and December, but that’s their best chance to have an excellent career improvement, their leaders easily see their dedication.

From the other perspective of career development, if you are a leader, although you can find a right-hand assistant, you should be careful not to be stubborn and disobey orders. There are not many people who plan to change jobs. You may have to wait until the end of the year before you have commanded enough experiences in your business line. It is not advisable to have higher expectations for new companies. If you are a student who is going to graduate, you can choose to apply for work-related courses to lay a good foundation for yourself and your future job. This year, people in the Ox may have a mascot that can be worn or placed in the office. A mascot could bring good fortunes such as attract wealth, dissolve villains, and help business prosperity.

Wealth Fortune for the Ox

The wealth fortune for the Ox in 2020 is quite smooth. The Ox could be able to make some new plans on their star-up company or their career. Since this year, there will be a lot of cooperating chances waiting for them, and they will always succeed. However, this fortune does not mean everything is perfect. Especially for those businesses related to the stock market and investment thing, the Ox must consider the immediate risk and resolutions before you start. It is better to give a shot on new projects and not pay all the eggs in one basket. Besides, you are likely to make a decisive mistake in your investments in 2020. My advice for the Ox is, please stay away from the much risk business. It’s okay to think about some much stable projects. Or keep the rest of the money in your account.

The Gengzi Year is challenging to keep the balance going up without other expenses for all Chinese Zodiac. Business people in the Zodiac Ox should learn to increase their profits by increasing income and reducing expenditures carefully. The rest of the Ox might have some problems with their house so that they need to have an “emergency account” to deal with.


Relationship Fortune for the OX 

In 2020, the singles could make new friends in different social events and probably have a relationship, but it is unknown if it is a long-term development.

The Ox should improve your communication skills to avoid some misunderstandings that should not happen, and if you don’t explain could only lead to a bad ending during a relationship. For those who have a boyfriend or girlfriend, you should not announce your relations until it is stable. Your relationship might be affected because of some gossip. If you don’t plan to get married to your current boyfriend or girlfriend, you could probably fall into a fortune of “breaking up.”If you have decided to spend the rest of your life with a person, you must tolerate him/her a bit. Learn the way they think about the problems, change your stubborn mind, and give more understandings.


Health Fortune for the Ox

In 2020, the Ox would often get trouble in health problems, like skin problems, toothache, Headache, have a cold, and also affect their emotions time and time. Thanks to these, they are just some minor problems that they don’t need to worry about. But this is an alarm to tell the Ox they should do the health examination on time. As a Chinese saying, “Prevent a small problem before there is a really big problem.”

The Ox would need to do some slow and less powerful sports like Yoga to be close to nature. If you have a lot of exercise habit should protect your feet well. The feet are the body part that most close to the floor; if your feet are injured, you would quickly get sick. The old could eat some supplement vitamins as well.

Talk about the diet the Ox should do is eating more vegetables than the meat to keep an organic life. If you have to travel a lot, be aware of bringing medications to keep you safe in case of an emergency. If you are a married woman, you are likely to be pregnant in 2020.According to some Chinese

Statements, Pregnant women are not suggested to move or decorate your house. If you run when you’re pregnant, your baby may feel like you don’t like him/her, and they would run away as well. Whatever, it is just a saying that does not support science verification.



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