Fortune Horoscope Of The Dragon In 2021

The year of the Dragon: 2024,2012,2000,1988,1976,1964

The Chinese Zodiac Dragon is bold and courageous, although you have a strong personality, you enjoy an excellent reputation because you are generous, helpful, kind, and a good leader.

Overall Fortune Of The Dragon In 2021

The Dragon will face a situation of “Broken Tai Sui” so that your fortune in 2021 will somewhat fluctuate and unsatisfactory.

 In 2021, no matter how ambitious the Dragon people are, you should strain your words and action in public to avoid some troubles. 

Otherwise, you will only face massive problems, and even suffer the crazy revenge and attack of villains. Keep a low profile and learn to be peaceful while facing difficulties. You should firmly believe that something will be different as long as you persist your goal and work hard for it.

The Fortune Of The Dragon Born In Different Years

If You Are Born In 1964

In 2021, the Dragon, who was born in 1964, will be 57 years old. It will be a lousy year upon looking at the whole year because horrible luck has put you in the target. 

These can be specific in your life. Maybe you will be choke while eating; perhaps you might fall while walking in the rainy days. Generally speaking, everyone can have bad luck, but you can do some precautions to prevent accidents after realizing that you are going to see the god of bad luck. 

Specifically, you should stay away from the investment market. You could give up most of your stocks as soon as possible. If you have the plan for traveling, choose some safety spot, avoid being close to high and stepped mountain, and rivers, anything terrible and troublesome would happen. 

Even about your daily diet, avoid eating some strange foods and not too greasy. Staying at home will be the best option. However, turn off the stove once you leave the kitchen.

If You Are Born In 1976

In 2021, the Dragon, who was born in 1976, will be 45 years old. You may suffer from a lot of scams and even lose your belief in some people.

In 2021, dragon people may be cheated by the business partners. All things need to pay attention to your business partners around you; the profits have to be assigned, to avoid profits disputes leading the partners unhappy and attack behind you. Communication is essential in your business; try not to make some critical decisions by yourself to avoid being cheated by someone you don’t know. 

Therefore, you must always keep sober and vigilant and carefully check all the accounts’ problems.

If You Are Born In 1988

In 2021, the Dragon, who was born in 1988, will be 33 years old. Single friends have entered the ranks of older single; family members will keep urging, you may not intend marriage, and will fall into a particular frustration. 

Be sure to recognize what you want. There is no need to do something you don’t like to cater to your family. Even marriage life is not ideal for those who have married, 33 years old is a more embarrassing age. 

You need to take care of your kids and your own family. So you have a lot of pressure.
Also, the income is not very good because of your situation of “Break Tai Sui.”

If You Are Born In 2000

In 2021, the Dragon, who was born in 2000, will be 21 years old. And there will be some academic obstacles, but it is not a big problem. It’s hard to concentrate on your class, and you are going to fall behind your classmates. 

When you encounter a problem that you don’t understand, don’t pretend to understand it, and you can’t retreat from it. Instead, you should seek teachers and classmates’ help in time to achieve more and better results in the sea of learning. However, we need to pay attention to health while learning and do not use sea test tactics.

If You Are Born In 2012

In 2021, the Dragon, who was born in 2012, will be nine years old. You are still in childhood, which does not mean that you can live a carefree life. The atmosphere at home is not only stagnant, but also the critical economy is relatively tense. 

Therefore, the children belonging to the Dragon should not give your parents more troubles at this time but should become more sensible and play a small role as a mediator between your parents. In any case, you should have a positive attitude and enjoy your childhood.

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