Feng Shui: 5 Basic Principle Of Feng Shui. And Learn The Feng Shui Of 12 Chinese Zodiac

What Is Feng Shui?

Let’s learn the word of Feng Shui first,  “Feng” in Chinese is the wind, “Shui” in Chinese is water. From the meaning, Feng shui is a mysterious technique with a long history of the Chinese nation.

How Mysterious The Feng Shui Is?

Feng Shui Place

Chinese people regard to wind and water as two critical natural basic elements, which inluence people’s fortune trendy. 

Because Feng shui is the power of nature and the great magnetic energy of the universe. The wind is vitality and field energy, water is flow and change.

Feng shui used to be a method of examining whether the geography was good enough in one place. And then it becomes a philosophy to study the environment and the laws of the universe.

The Founder Of Feng Shui

The founder of Feng shui was the Taoist goddess. The relatively complete Feng shui knowledge originated from the Warring States period (B.C.275-221).

The core idea of Feng shui is the harmony between man and nature, so as to achieve “harmony between man and nature”. 

Since man is a part of nature, nature is also a part of man. Early Feng shui mainly related to the location, orientation, and construction of palaces, residences, villages, and cemeteries.

 It is a metaphysics of choosing suitable places, welcome good fortunes, and dispel bad luck when you live in a new home.

Shi Qi

Feng Shui has two interpretations, one of which is edema disease, which is mostly caused by wind evil, The “Qi” is lost, and can not be regulated by the body. 

The other concept is, it refers to the natural situation of a residential base and graveyard, such as the system of terrain, landscape direction, etc.

5 Basic Principles of Feng Shui in China

Scientific Feng Shui is based on Chinese classical custome and combined with modern multidisciplinary science-related disciplines to select and arrange the best geographical location.And here are 5 principles that basically support the Feng Shui theory in China.

This theory of Feng Shui regards society as a whole system, which centers on human beings, including all things in heaven and earth. Every complete system in society is an element of mutual connection, mutual restriction, interdependence, mutual opposition, and mutual transformation. The function of Feng Shui is to grasp the relationship between the subsystems, optimize the structure, and seek the best combination.

Feng SHui theory

That is, according to the objectivity of the environment, adopt a lifestyle suitable for nature. China is a pragmatic country, adjusting measures to local conditions is the embodiment of pragmatic thinking. According to the actual situation, it is the essence of Feng Shui to adopt practical and effective methods to make people and buildings suitable for nature, also integrate nature and man.

It is one of the most basic principles of Feng Shui. Mountains are the skeleton of the earth, and water is the source of life for everything. Without water, people can’t survive. Almost all the primitive tribes found in archaeology were in the riverside platform, which was adapted to the hunting, fishing, and fruit picking at that time.

Flowing water

Chinese people think that the mountain will be their the strongest back up in life, and the alive and fresh water means the money in pocket will rock consistantly!

Facai Tree

From the geography point, China is located in the northern hemisphere and the eastern part of Eurasia. Most of the land is located to the north of the Tropic of Cancer (latitude 23.26 n), and the sunshine in the whole year comes from the south. Houses facing south facilitate sunlight.

As we all know that the sunlight is very beneficial for human being: first, it can keep people warm. In winter, the temperature in the south room is 1-2 degrees higher than that in the north room; second, it participates in the synthesis of vitamin D in the human body, and children often go outside for sunshine to prevent rickets; third, ultraviolet rays in the sun have bactericidal effect; fourth, it can enhance human immune function.

Sitting in the north and facing to the south, not only for good sunlight but also to avoid the north wind. China’s terrain determines that its climate is monsoon type. There is a cold current in Siberia in winter, cool wind in the Pacific in summer, and the wind direction changes constantly throughout the year.

Chinese people also believed that the much bright and warm their house are, the more good luck will come to them. On the contrast, the cold,wet and dark houses will have some bad luck with them. That’s why those dark houses often show in the horrible movies.

The center of Feng Shui

Moderate means that the house and place are just proper size, not too small, too high, or too low. The other layer of moderate means the center. The principle of moderation also requires that the center should be highlighted, the layout should be neat, and the additional facilities should be closely around the axis.

In the typical Feng Shui landscape, there is a central axis, which is parallel to the longitude of the earth and extends to the north and south.

The north end of the central axis is preferably a mountain range, forming a T-shaped combination, and the southern end has a spacious Ming Tang (plain). The East and west sides of the central axis are surrounded by buildings and curved rivers. The imperial mausoleum of the Ming and Qing Dynasties was built according to this principle.

Also, it is not only the spot and house using the Feng Shui theory, also the 12 Chinese Zodiac.

According to those principles we mentioned above and

we will list how can Chinese Zodiac correctly choose a good place to live in with obeying the Feng Shui principles.

Suitable for North and Northeast

House lucky number with 7,8,9,0.

Suitable for North and Northeast

house lucky number with 3,4,5,6

Suitable for North and Northwest

house lucky number with 9,0,1,2

Suitable for West and Northwest

house lucky number with 9,0,1,2

Suitable for Southwest and West

house lucky number with 3,4,5,7

Suitable for South and Southeast

house lucky number with 3,4,5,6

Suitable for East and Northeast

house lucky number with 3,5,7,9

Suitable for North and Northwest

house lucky number with 5,8,9,0,

Suitable for East and Northeast

house lucky number with 6,8,0,2

Suitable for South and Southeast

house lucky number with 3,4,5,6

Suitable for West and Northwest

house lucky number with 3,4,8,2

Suitable for Northeast and South

house lucky number with 3,4,5,6

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