Which Chinese Zodiac can compatible with?


In ancient China, two people can get married without meeting each other or having an emotional foundation.

They just need to see whether their fates match. If they do Match, they can get married unless they cannot have a marriage. In today’s society, we can love freely and get married to who we love, but there is still an indispensable step that is to see whether our marriage is compatible with, we can analyze it from our birthday information and also our Chinese Zodiac Information.

And we are going to see how the Chinese Zodiac can match.

Suggestive Matches and Not Suggestive Matches


2. Ox

3. Tiger

4. Rabbit

5. Dragon



8. Goat



11. Dog


Each Zodiac match with the other Chinese Zodiac sign that I didn’t list in the table would be excellent.

According to Chinese Culture, this kind of compatibility is not absolute for everyone. Chinese would also combine their birth date and time to analyze two people if they could match their marriages well.

My Family Story

According to the information I have listed above, I can put an example to prove one of those points of view.

My father’s Chinese Zodiac is the Goat, and My mother’s Chinese Zodiac is the Rat. And their Zodiac matches are not suggestive and belong to unlucky events. It’s true. My parents were always fighting and had a lot of quarrels when I was still young. There was a conflict between their personalities and their birth date matches to an unlucky level.

But they did fell in love, got married, and had two children. Their life after the wedding was good as the other families at the first beginning. But the good life didn’t last for a very long time. My mother told me that my father changed like a crazy person to make trouble and find a chance to mad at my mom. He was not kind anymore and indifferent to every family’s significant events. And my mom decided to divorce him and quit such a crazy life and husband when I was seven years old.

After the divorce, my father was not a trouble maker anymore. Maybe you think my father didn’t love my mother anymore, so he did those bad things, he did love and even tried to ask for forgiveness. But it is evident that their Chinese Zodiac formed an unlucky match and bring some bad fortunes.

Chinese Zodiac compatibility can not only be used for marriage but also widely used in daily life to see if you are well-matched with your friends and your family as well.

Here is another example

And I have a brother whose Chinese Zodiac is the Dog, and my Chinese Zodiac is the Tiger. And My Brother never likes each other.

From the perspective of animals, Tiger should not live around a Dog. Tiger is like a King and prefers to be respected by the others. But A dog would probably try to challenge the status of a Tiger to show contempt to a Tiger.

And Tiger always is proud of himself; how can he tolerate being contempt? And that’s why A dog and A tiger could never be good friends. There is a saying about dog and Tiger in China, if a Tiger went down to level land, he would be insulted by dogs. Also means a man who loses position and influence may be subjected to many indignities.

Strangely, my Brother always sees me as his enemy. My mother also told me, my Chinese Zodiac “Tiger” has a Clash with my Brother’s “Dog.”

Is Chinese Zodiac Compatibility useful?

Chinese all see Chinese Zodiac as an essential factor before they decided to married with someone. We would like to go to a Temple to pray for something well, which is the same as Western people go to church do prayers. And find a master who knows the Chinese marriage compatibility knowledge, to analyze how the future life would be through our Chinese Zodiac and birth date information.

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