The Chinese Zodiac Pig: An Angel Sign

Pigs are generally considered as the laziest mammal because they eat a lot, do nothing, sleep, and wait for to give them food.Um..?What about in Zodiac Pigs?Their qualities are the same as the real pigs?. No way! The Pig ranks in the last position of twelve Chinese Zodiac, but they have enjoyed good reputations of good characters, such as good tempers, dependable and pure, etc.

And we would go through more details about the Pigs’ personalities below.

The Pig-Materialist

In the crowd, the Pig belongs to the unadorned and straightforward list, but in fact, the Pig should be called materialists. They hate fantasy, pay attention to practical action, advocate material pursuit, and think that what is held in their hands is the most efficient.

Born in the year of the Pig are pragmatic and realistic. They don’t consider fantasy and any unreal factors. They have a strong passion and can always devote themselves to relatively monotonous work with enthusiasm and patience. The simple appearance of the Pig does not like flashy things hate luxury and waste, but the Pig always knows how to enjoy all the fun of life unrestricted. They love entertainment and everything that can bring them enjoyment and convenience. For example, comfortable houses, famous cars that can show the income level, decent clothes, and so on are the driving forces of Pig’s work and struggle. As long as possible, Pig will sit on the throne of rulers, because they are pragmatic in nature and think that only leaders have a say. Therefore, it is complicated to find poor pigman. Pig is always ready to work hard for an ideal and comfortable life.

The Pig-Helpful and Generous


Although Pig tends to the real material world, they are generous and helpful, and always like to share something with others. And when pigs pay for others, they often benefit from it. Pig don’t believe in other’s promises. They only look at what they get. Therefore, flattering and boasting are of little effect on Pig, because their judgment is based on real actions. That is to say, only when you do something for them and what you do for them, can they feel down-to-earth benefits.

Born in the year of the Pig have a vibrant and decent life. They hate poverty and hope that all those who are strictly related to them can live a comfortable and carefree life, which is closely associated with their realistic and upward character. The generosity of the Pig always wins them good connections. They will pay attention to the material and spiritual support for their friends and relatives. Many parents who belong to pigs always give the impression that others do not care about their children. However, this does not mean that they do not care for their children. However, these parents who belong to pigs think that material giving is the most excellent care for their children. Therefore, parents who belong to pigs will always give their children the best food and clothing, and even when they are old, they will leave a considerable amount of savings for their children.

The Pig-Optimistic and positive

Pig thinks that what is held in their hands is real, so their spiritual world is not as complicated and profound as other animal forms, and their ideas and concepts are relatively simple. Pig tend to look beautiful things, and often don’t overthink about the connotation and value of words. Both men and women prefer good-looking and pay attention to appearance when choosing partners. Honest, simple Pig loves they love and never hide their feelings.

They are optimistic and positive and believe that “lucky have their own natural features”. Sometimes the Pig will give a feeling of being careless. You have no plans. You are sincere, generous, and tolerant, honest, and hardworking. Although Pig is deceptive on the surface, they are smarter than think. Pig knows how to protect their interests with tolerance. When someone rides on the head of a pig, the pig will automatically hand over a whip. When others are complacent, they will be unable to get off the tiger. It’s a strategy that the Pig has tried repeatedly.

Who belongs to pigs like to feel down-to-earth. They don’t want to fantasize about too many things. They think that plain light is right. Don’t look at them on the surface as if everything doesn’t matter. They also have their pursuit and dream, and they are very concerned and take care of around them.

The Pig-Overly Hesitate

Pig tends to be hesitant and have a double-sided personality. They always take the most thoughtful angle and think twice. So it still gives a sense of uncertainty and decision-making. But when they decided on something, they showed a firm attitude. If Pig can learn to express their ideas, things will be much easier. The pigs will be loyal and considerate in their life and maintain their precious friendship with friends. Can fully trust the Pig, because the Pig does not engage in conspiracy.

The Pig-Silence Is Their Gold

Pig’s consistent style is to do things according to their ideas, which does not mean that they are not gregarious, but because they have their ideas and their stubbornness. However, sometimes their character of neglecting gain and loss makes it easy for them to compromise. No matter what they do, they will not let others see through their thoughts. Silence is also one of the styles of Pig.

Generally Speaking, Zodiac pig’s character is gentle, simple, and unadorned, which belongs to the most low-key in the crowd, but it is a person with original opinions. They are kind-hearted, always pay silently for the around them, but never care about the return.


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