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Every country has an unique culture. And Chinese Zodiac is one of the most essential part of representing Chinese Culture.China has a profound history of over 5,000 years. And people all saying that there is a mysterious power in China, more and more people want to know about Chinese Culture. But it is difficult to learn a new culture without enough and correct information. It is just like looking for a neddle in the ocean. And that is why we want to create this website and hopefully it can help a lot people who wants to learn Chinese Culture. 

Briefly introduction

Chinese Zodiac is similar to Western Consteelation, but they are totally different,from their background origins and meanings. Chinese Zodiac has a history over 2,000 years,which is widely used and means a lot to Chinese.There are 12 Chinese Zodiac Animals,and every year is name after an Zodiac animal. 12 years as a cycle,over and over.What’s your Chinese Zodiac Sign?

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