3 Zodiac Signs that always encounter obstacles in life

Different Chinese Zodiac Signs would have a different destiny. 

The zodiac sign with a promising destiny can always meet some surprises and good things in life. On the contrary, people in lousy luck may encounter many unfortunate events or accidents in life, like difficulties and obstacles. 

As we all know, people of the same zodiac are born in different years, and there would be some differences in their life destiny and forms. Though, because of the same zodiac, there must be some similarities in the life forms. 

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Here we will talk about which of the twelve zodiac signs always have the most challenging and tough destiny.

Chinese Zodiac Snake

The person who belongs to the Zodiac Snake often has an unlucky fortune. 

Mostly, a person who belongs to the snake may become a person with the worst fate! 

Frustrate Snake

According to the Chinese zodiac, a snake is a person who could only live in the shadow of others. Even if they are full of scriptures and brilliant talents, they are challenging to make outstanding achievements. 

They always lack an individual talent to be shining, and their career achievements are not very beautiful. They are still in trouble with other people and have bad luck in marriage. 

Also, because of the cold-blooded personality of Snake, their relationship with relatives, their partners, and even children maybe not so good, usually end up lonely in older age.

Therefore, in the Chinese Zodiac,

the fate of the snake is relatively low!

Chinese Zodiac Tiger

Most people do think that the Tiger is either a successful person or a wealthy person. But, the truth is Zodiac Tiger does not bear with kind, good fate. 

Tiger people indeed have a strong sense of enterprise and a strong competitive mentality. They never admit defeat. They will work hard for their dignity and strive to become a person of higher status. They hope that they can stand at the top of the pyramid one day! 

By the way, the Tiger’s working ability is very excellent; the aura is powerful, can be deeply trusted and loved by subordinates or their boss, that’s why they have more chances to be successful.

However, tiger people are also over-active and too playful. 

The more successful they are, the more exposed their playful personality would be. 

Once they have achieved good results and have a certain amount of money and wealth, they would like to make troubles outside to find exciting feelings. 

It is easy for the Tiger people to ignore their efforts because of their “playful” personality.

Like the Chinese Saying, “it is easy to be successful but hard to keep success”. Because the tiger people cannot control their successful career, and finally, they could be defeated!

Also, their marriage is not smooth! Due to their strong personality, they don’t like to compromise with others to start some quarrels.  

It can be seen that 

the fate of the tiger people is not as good as we imagined!

Chinese Zodiac Goat

In the Chinese Zodiac, the fate of Goat people merely is terrible! 

People belonging to Goat are cowardly by nature and at the bottom of the food chain. 

Although they are kind-hearted and pure in heart, they lack the wisdom to do more extraordinary things. 

And their personality is also a bit of fragile and incompetent. 

Tender Goat

Therefore, in life, people belonging to Goat cannot escape the fate of being teased and exploited by others.

 The people around them often deceive them, and they will go through many detours in their lives.


Yes, Some people’s fate seems wrong, like what we have mentioned above. Perhaps, their life will be insensitive, there will be a lot of trouble, whether in life or career.

But, We could decide our fate and destiny, not the horoscope. As long as we work hard, we will create our happiness!

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