2026 is the year of Horse

The Horse ranks in the seventh place in Twelve Chinese Zodiac.

The Horse

People born in the year of the horse are cheerful, quick thinking, fashionable, good at speech and insight. But their changeable temperament will lead to irritability, resulting in the situation of furious and angry.

Horse people generally fall in love easily and break away from it easily.
All kinds of situations show that the majority of horse people leave home when they are at a young age. Even if they stay at home, the independent spirit of horse people always urges them to start their own business.

Horse people are quick to respond and can make decisions at once.

Their weakness of wavering and little patience is often compensated by their flexible and cheerful personality.

Horse people like to join in the fun and are generous to others. They are very happy. The horse people are flexible, just like the horse people’s view of love. They are smart and can always dominate the people around them.

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