2024 is the year of Dragon

The Dragon ranks in the fifth place in Chinese Zodiac,is the symbol of rights,wealth, and the god of heaven in the folks.

emperor in the Qing Dynasty
As you can see,there is an image od Dragon showing on the clothes of the Ancient Emperor of China. So the Dragon symbols Rights and Wealth.

As a matter of fact, there is no existence of the dragon. Ancient Chinese created the image of such an animal, to pry for good results by worshiping the dragon.  

So people assume that someone who belongs to the Dragon would never worry about life standard.

At work, the Dragon is always competent and careful,patient and they have an strong insight. But, the Dragon sometimes is headstrong so that they need to be more flexible when dealing with interpersonal relations.

Even though they are stubborn, but the Dragon is optimistic as well. Plus their good luck,the Dragon can always succeed first,comparing with the peers.

Last but not the least, the Dragon should avoid some arguments with others. Argument would affect the good luck of Dragon people.

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