2023 is the year of Rabbit

The Rabbit ranks in the forth place in Twelve Chinese Zodiac. In Chinese culture, the rabbit was the pet of moon immortal, representing kind, beautiful and lucky.

The Rabbit and Moon

Most of the rabbit people are soft and nice, but some of them are tricky even impatience.

Clearly, people who belong to the rabbit know what they really want. And then they would try the best to strive for what they want.

But they could be obsessed with anything they like,which would bring some troubles as well. Sometimes the rabbit should care about others more often, too selfish is not very good.

Owing to the personality of Rabbit in Chinese Zodiac, sometimes the Rabbit is yellow-bellied and much like an escapist. They don’t like to face to something that has been out of control. The Rabbit can disguise well in front of most people by showing the most courteous side.


If you have a rabbit people,ask him/her the analysis above is true or not.

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