2021 The Monthly Horoscope Of Chinese Zodiac Tiger

Hello Tiger

As we all know, every Chinese Zodiac Sign will have a different fortune every year. So, we will do a monthly fortune horoscope of 2021 for the Tiger. You could also review the article of 2020 fortune horoscope for the Tiger.


The following dates and months are calculated according to the Chinese lunar calendar. The corresponding Gregorian calendar dates are shown.

Jumping Tiger

January: [2021.01.26-2021.02.24]

In January, the Tiger can meet many new friends because of joining some significant events. You could benefit from having more and more friends in case you will need help from them.


In the second month of 2021, the Tiger will feel a lot of pressure, no matter it would come from the work of study. It seems like there is endless work to do. Don’t forget to spend some time relaxing. Don’t force yourselves to do something that will make you break down.


In March of 2021, the Tiger may come across some difficulties. But, you will luckily solve them with some people’s help. You have to sincerely feel grateful for people’s kindness. Your good luck can be kept only passing such a generous spirit to others. 


In April, the Tiger will have a wealthy fortune. for example, you may get more money from your investment or gaining a bonus from your excellent job performance. In a word, April will give you a little bit of surprise.


When May is coming, you may live with some bad lucks. Like, you could have more business trips than before, and you have to spend a lot of time staying on the air or bus so that you will always feel exhausted. Once you arrive in the new environment, you should learn to live with it quickly, enhance both physical spirit and mental spirit for better job performance.


Tiger in June

After having a lot of work pressure, you can finally have the chance to have a boyfriend/girlfriend. My suggestion is to focus on the mental beauty more than the appearance. If you found it was difficult to get along well with each other, finish the relationship as soon as possible. An improper relationship could only bring bad fortunes.


In July, the Tiger is likely to injure from some accidents. The elders at home need to be careful while walking the staircase. And the kids should not run too far away from home in case there will be some bad guys around your home. Parents need to teach your children to do not to talk to some strange persons. 


In August, the Tiger will have a more robust bond with the family. Don’t forget to prepare gifts on the family’s significant anniversaries, like birthday and marriage anniversary. 


More close to the end of 2021, the more pressure the Tier people can feel. You will also have some difficult tasks and don’t panic, try your best to do it well.


In October, maybe some people will want to borrow money from you and analyze the situation first. If they really need help, you can borrow a little.


This month, the tiger people’s overall fortune is relatively standard. They will deeply feel that the pace of life is incredibly slow. Nothing new happens every day. They are just repeating the steps of the previous day. This is actually a good thing. You can take this opportunity to grasp the essence of life and do more things you are interested in.


In the last month of 2021, there will be a lot of expense for the Tiger people. And be careful of friends’ betrayal around you. You don’t have to totally trust every friend of yours.

In the last month of 2021, there will be a lot of expense for the Tiger people. And be careful of friends’ betrayal around you. You don’t have to totally trust every friend of yours.

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