2021: Monthly Horoscope Of Chinese Zodiac Ox


2021 is the Ben Ming Nian for people whose Zodiac belongs to the Ox. As we all know, people would meet some obstacles in their Ben Ming Nian. However, it is not mean that the Ox would have bad lucks only. Let’s See what Specific fortune of the Ox in each month of the Ox?. 


The color “Red” can dispel lousy luck and reduce the impact of Ben Ming Nian for the Ox.



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January: [2021.01.26-2021.02.24]

In the first month of 2021, the Ox would find it is hard to do what they want. Because their fortune has been affected by the Ben Ming Nian. And they could wear some red color clothes or bring some Ben Ming Nian helper products. 


In February of the lunar new year, the Zodiac Ox needs to focus on their career. This month, the zodiac Ox will feel much work pressure than before, even harder than before. In this situation, the Zodiac Ox can take it more accessible and try to create more pleasure moments for themselves.


As the Chinese Zodiac ox enters the lunar calendar’s third month in 2021, their career is declining much more seriously. So, in the month, the ox people often make mistakes in their work, and may even have some conflicts with colleagues and leaders around them. 

Hence, they may be hindered everywhere in the workplace. Not only do things harder and harder, but also their efforts are challenging to get corresponding returns.


In April of the lunar new year in 2021, Ox’s health would show up with minor problems.

As a result, during this period, Zodiac should take care of themselves rather than dedicating much time to the job. The more healthy they are, the less influence would be caused by Ben Ming Nian.


In May of the lunar new year in 2021, the Zodiac Ox finally can be lucky. Among which the personal fortune is the most obvious. 

Due to the promotion of love fortune, the relationship between Zodiac cattle and their lovers will be closer and closer. At the same time, if some single Zodiac Ox can take the initiative this month, they may also be able to take off the single successfully.

Seize the chances around, don’t be hesitate.


In June of the lunar calendar in 2021, the love fortune of Ox is still good, and the career fortune will be improved as well. As we have mentioned above, Ben Ming Nian does not mean everything will be suck. 

With the help of noble people of the Chinese Zodiac Ox, they can deal with the complicated issues more efficiently. And everything will be better since the Ox could be humble and sincere to their company and colleagues. By the way, the noble Zodiac signs of the Ox are Rat and Dragon.


In July, the Ox can extend the good fortune from their noble friends. But, the Ox needs to be more compromise while getting along with others. The Ox is too stubborn to be well-understood. Thus, they are better to have a more likable personality to keep a good relationship with their noble people.


In August, the Ox will have a prosperous fortune trendy and keep working, keep communicating with the boss about your project status. The more close to the end of 2021, the luckier you will be. Be patient and careful to spend the whole of 2021. With the time flying, the impact of Ben Ming Nian would go away step by step. 


In the September of Lunar Year in 2021, the Ox would have a peaceful month without significant problems even though there would not be something to celebrate. A quiet life is the most superficial happiness.


In October, the Ox would see they feel tired and being lazy to do exercises. There is a saying goes, God closes a door for you but gives you another window.

And this can be shown on the Ox has better wealthy fortune than before, but their health seems worse.


In November of the lunar year in 2021, there are still some problems in the zodiac cattle’s health, and there may be some physical discomfort. However, this month, the zodiac Ox’s life quality is excellent, and there will be some fortune. Although the money brought to the zodiac cattle is not much, it is still a good surprise to get some unexpected wealth this year.


n the last month of Lunar year in 2021, the Ox finally could expect a more peaceful and safe life because it’s the last month for the Ox being suffered from the Ben Ming Nian in 2021. After this month, the Ox could have better fortunes.


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