2021:The Fortune Horoscope Of The Ox

If You Are Born In The Year Of The Ox: 1961,1973,1985,1997,2009,2021. Then your Chinese Zodiac Sign would belong to the Zodiac Ox. 

Chinese People are highly focusing on fortune trends in their Ben Ming Nian, which means their zodiac sign as the same as the current Zodiac year.

What would be happening in 2021 for the Zodiac Ox?

In 2021, the overall fortune of being an Ox will be mixed with happiness and a kind of sadness. In terms of career, you may be faced with pressure from various parties. And many people will question your ability while working. 

Sometimes even you could be confused about how to go ahead. But these problems are typical because you will be suffering the effects of Ben Ming Nian.

Besides, the year 2021 is full of intrigues for the Ox, whether you are the boss of the business, the middle-level leader of the company, or the people of the working class, it can be said that it is difficult to distinguish between the enemy and ourselves.

Instead, you should observe the forces of all parties, keep a low profile, and strengthen our strength. When the time comes, we can make good use of it. This is also a way to break the situation. 

Since ancient times, it has been a custom to wear red clothes for people who are suffering from the Ben Ming Nian to welcome good fortunes, such as red clothes, red belts, red rope, red socks, red underwear, etc. besides the meaning of happiness and wealth, red plays a critical role: ward off evil, protect the body, help luck, and enhance their positive energy.

The Fortune Of The Ox Born In Different Years

The Ox who was born in 1961

People who were born in 1961 would have good fortune and bad fortune in 2021, and they will be more prosperous in fields and houses. This shows that the family fortune is relatively strong. The whole big family has a solid family fortune, and he may have a good material life in his later years.

 However, in terms of physical health, you may get sick. If you have done something good in the past, you may be able to solve this disaster. When you have time, you can spend more time with your family, or visit famous mountains to pray for good luck, do more good deeds and accumulate merits and virtues to prolong your life.

The Ox who was born in 1973

As for people who were born in 1973, the wealth fortune is not too prosperous, but you can peacefully spend 2021 without major bloody disaster. There are many difficulties and challenges in your career. All kinds of pressure on you may make you lose confidence and motivation to move forward. 

However, you should keep up your spirit and face the challenges. Also, pay attention to the people around you when you are working. Pay attention to the relationship between husband and wife in the family. 

Try not to have disputes over minor matters and destroy family harmony. This is not good for family fortune, but also bad for your career. In terms of health, we should pay more attention to physical health. There are too many disasters this year. 

Although there is little possibility of bloody disaster, we should pay attention to physical diseases and do more good deeds at ordinary times

The Ox who was born in 1985

For the friends who were born in 1985, the year 2021 will be relatively prosperous for you, but don’t put too many expectations.You should think twice about the investment, otherwise, they will go bankrupt and lose their money It’s better to use static braking to keep a little conservative and keep their own money. 

In business, you should deal with leaders more and get in touch with people at the same level, but we should be more cautious. We should not expose our cards to others and put ourselves in a disadvantageous position. 

2021, your family relations will be more harmonious, the husband and wife’s feelings are strong, the children are obedient, this is a very gratifying point.

The Ox who was born in 1997

In 2021, for those who were born in 1997, they are most suitable to buy real estate for investment. This is not only a good investment but also can boost the fortune of yourselves and your families. 

You’ll have a strong fortune and can withstand the evil spirit, which is suitable for making progress instability. Difficulties in business are inevitable, but the difficulties you’ll face will be naturally solved. Therefore, in this year, you are not only can harvest merit and virtue, but also good luck and wisdom.

The Ox who was born in 2009

In 2021, for those born in 2009 who belong to the Ox, there may be some minor health problems. Therefore, attention should be paid to your physical health at ordinary times to prevent minor diseases from becoming diseases and to prevent and strengthen their physique in time to resist evil spirits. 

This year, you should deal with their brothers and sisters and get along well with each other. In this way, you can exuberant your fortune to resist some evil spirits. In the year of Ben Ming Nian, there will be more small disasters, so you should pay more attention to all aspects. For example, do not go home late at night.

 Go home earlier and go to bed earlier in daily life. Keep a healthy living habit could bring you some good fortunes as well. Because the Chinese believed that the evil spirit might easily to attack those with fewer health conditions and avoid their bad fortunes.

Suggestion for the Ox in 2021

2021 is a year full of dangers for those who belong to Ox, who should pay more attention to do more good deeds and accumulate more merits and positive energy in 2021.

 Because you may have many evil spirits in your surroundings, and be careful and cautious in some life details, to prevent being caught or framed and wronged. Therefore, you should prepare for facing difficulties all the time.

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