2021: The Zodiac Dog’s Fortune Prediction

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In 2021, the year of Ox, The Chinese Zodiac Dog would meet a situation of “Judge By Tai Sui“, so their general fortune would become a little terrible. 

The problem would cause powerful lousy luck for the Dog, and they should start preparing for the unfortunate trendy in advance. Please do not look at the situation down and ignore it. Otherwise, there would be a significant obstacle and challenging to eliminate. It is quite essential for them to speak their thoughts out, burying in mind too much could lead to a specific depression and lose the hope for future life.

By the way, the year of Dog has a character of rush tempers; they need to be more tender and patient to people around. Sticking to their principle is correct, but they should adjust the resolution subject to the current trends, and adequately change their stubborn personality.

2021-Career Development For The Dog

In 2021, the year of the Dog would be affected by their coworkers from the following cases. Being gossiped, being framed if the projects ware failed. The Dog can not be too aggressive to deal with it unless they lose too much benefit because of these cases. 

Ask the law for help when it is necessary. The Dog would have much pressure than 2020 in 2021, and more and more customers. The Dog would become busier and more business travels. Making life and work clear and do not work so hard. Do not forget that health problem is the top priority forever.

2021-Wealth Trendy For The Dog

In terms of financial fortune, the Dog can’t earn much money at all. Because of the limited working ability, it’s difficult for them to make a significant breakthrough. They can jump up to the leadership level, or the salary will be doubled several times. 

The performance of partial wealth is also quite a headache. The investment and financial products purchased, such as stocks, funds and gold, will suffer from varying degrees due to the dire situation.

 A small number of people may get rich overnight by gambling and buying lottery tickets, and the final result is certainly not good. When he was sentenced to death, since his income was low, he would have to cut down. 

Therefore, they should not spend too much money on impractical things, such as luxury goods, beauty salons, etc. 

2021-Relationship Prediction For The Dog

Due to the influence of Tai Sui, they could be more passive and negative in emotion. Even if the Dog meets the person they like, he will become discouraged and shrink back, giving up the great opportunity. 

Single friends will have some inferiority complex, will be in a state of secret love for a long time, it is difficult to get rid of the single. 

Married friends have more conflicts in their family life. The couple will have severe differences on many issues of principle. Although they will not make a lot of noise, the cold war indeed happens from time to time. 

The Chinese Zodiac Dog must pay attention to communication with others, solve problems in time, and keep an essential manner.

2021-Health Forecast For The Dog

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In terms of the Dog’s health in 2021, there will be a series of problems. Due to the change in the external environment. 

For example, when the weather changes and the temperature drops, they will have a cold and fever; in the flu outbreak season, they will also be infected by the people around them. Resistance and immunity are feeble, a little bit of disease will make it look particularly no spirit and vitality.

 In the year of “Judge By Taisui” for the Dog, they should be able to realize the importance of health preservation and eat more nourishing foods. 

For those who belong to dogs they should pay special attention to traffic safety when driving. They are not allowed to violate traffic regulations or drink driving.

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