2020 The Monthly Horoscope of Zodiac Rabbit


The following dates and months are calculated according to the Chinese lunar calendar. The corresponding Gregorian calendar dates are shown.

January: [2021.01.26-2021.02.24]

In January of 2021, the Rabbit people have to pay attention to the career more than the other stuffs, because you need to catch your own opportunity very soon. Also, remember to show your talents and skills while working as much as you can, which will definitely help you a lot.


In February of 2021, your attention should be paid to interpersonal relations to enhance your social network in order to have more friends. And perhaps you will meet some new friends who can help you in the future.


In March, you may have a little bit health problems. You should stay at home more often in your days off. Due to our horoscope shows that you may have accidents in March of 2021.

Chinese paiting rabbit


In April, the Rabbit may feel your wallet is shrinking, so you will work harder to enrich your life quality and goals. Although it is very difficult to work so hard,you believe that it is worth doing as long as you can have a bunch of salary.


You will have a good luck in May of 2021, which will reveals both in your career and relationship. You and your wife/husband can be sweeter. You still have some strong work to do but those tasks are nothing special for you. You can do it!


In June of 2021,your horoscope shows that you would make a big progress in your career. All your hark work started from the past few months will double repay you. Don’t be over proud of yourself!


In July, your blossom luck can be strong. Some people may feel you are charming and attractive. Please get ready to welcome your true love. He/She may be one of your old friends, maybe some stranger. Open your eyes~


Your personality is calm and soft, so you will not have fluctuate moon in daily life. Just enjoy your peaceful life in August.


Your peaceful like will be disturbed in September. Your career fortune may be affected. You must be very careful while working. Don’t be pissed off your boss or make any troubles.



In October, you will still be upset about your work. Because you can’t make some big breakthrough in your job performance, you are frustrating and unhappy about the situation.


In November, your emotion relationship may be affected by your downhill fortune. You and your lover will have much quarrel than before. It looks like there is no love between you and more like two strangers. Control your tempers as much as you can.


This is the last month of 2021 in Lunar Calender, seize any chances to make money and improve your life standard as soon as you can. The competition is still fierce, save money and reduce your expense in something you don’t really need.

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