2020: The Fortune Prediction for the Rabbit


By 2020, the overall fortune of Rabbit will decline substantially. The Zodiac rabbit’s meeting and the Rat Year form the situation of OPPOSITE, that is to say, the punishment from an immortal. 

The fortune of Rabbit the whole year is full of ups and downs with a less pleasant experience. 

Rabbit is not only easy to be criticized in life, but also will be replaced by others in work, which is thankless. Then, Let’s take a look at what is the specific fortunes about the Rabbit in 2020.

Career Development for the Rabbit in 2020

The Rabbit will meet significant challenges and opportunities in your career in 2020. 

The urgent situation of “the braves will win while meeting in a narrow path” will bring you a tremendous spiritual pressure. Unable to maintain your usual mentality, it is difficult for the Rabbit to complete your work well. 

Also, the “backer” in the circulation is out of power, and colleagues who are seemingly harmonious before will also be sarcastic. Bad luck belongs to the Rabbit in this year’s duty to do things, try not to be too enthusiastic, set a lower expectation for yourself, and be satisfactory in time. 

The Rabbit should not gossip in case of avoiding more significant trouble. When others gather to gossip, don’t take part in others’ right and wrong. 

Otherwise, all the problems will be placed on you. When your rights and interests are harmed, don’t tolerate too much. As we all know, honest people will only be humiliated by others like a soft eggplant.

Wealth Prediction for the Rabbit in 2020

In 2020, for most of the Rabbit, the wealth fortune is ideal. Although you make a lot of money in the whole year, their savings will decrease instead of increasing due to the relationship between the punishment from the immortal, the expenses and savings will cancel each out.

From the perspective of good fortune, the Rabbit can make money in almost all fields, which will make colleagues envious. 

The Rabbit is paranoid about the quality of life, and you will always spend the money you earned on things that are both good-looking but not practical and useful. 

For such a group of romantic guts, Saving cash into your bank account is better than keeping it in your pockets. 

Once there is no economic pressure, the Rabbit will enjoy the most well-quality life. Punishment’s impact on the wealth fortune of the Rabbit is still relatively significant. 

I suggest that you could place an ornament of glass shape on your bedside desk, which can help stabilize more jobs chance, keep the fortune prosperous, and resolve the disaster of breaking and scatter wealth in the fluctuate years. 

And the luck can turn from decline to prosperity and bring enormous wealth fortune in 2020.

Health Prediction for the Rabbit in 2020

4 rabbits

In 2020, There will be no significant influence on the health of the Rabbit even you have some certain punishment instead, and it will turn out to be a blessing in disguise. 

However, some rabbits will be troubled by small disasters. This year, it decreases the chance of going to public places where it is always a crow of people. 

Even if you want to go, you should also wear masks and bring free handwashing disinfection and other related items. You should go outside on those sunny days to breathe fresh air, enjoy the sun’s touch, and eat mainly vegetables. 

We can’t stop the environment’s change, but we can build our defense system and enjoy a beautiful life in a healthy state. 

Besides, the punishment from the immortal is easy to cause accidents. It would help if you were more careful when you go out this year to avoid accidents that may occur every day.

Relationship Prediction for the Rabbit in 2020


This year’s relationship’s movement of Rabbit fluctuates greatly. Like, Sometimes you go straight into the sky and sometimes fly straight down, which will make those who pursue a safe and comfortable life extremely unease. 

The relationship caused by punishment makes people who belong to the rabbit lack a sense of security. You will never step out of your homes as long as you have the willingness.

 This living to the end of the world will make the older and single friends lose many chances to meet proper persons. 

Most of your inner fears are imagined, and they are not existing. If you come out with enough courage and try to discover your Mr.right, you would notice how beautiful the world is, maybe accidentally meeting the one you like.

The rabbit men and women who have already owned a lover or marriage will enjoy the pamper feelings and be cared for this year. 

Since the influence of the punishment from the immortal, you will become a little impatient and natural to have a rush temper than before. 

However, your love doesn’t care about your change at all. On the contrary, she/he would even love you more than before.

 Who does not want to have a long-term and stable relationship forever? 

Try to understand each other when you encounter quarrel situations, and try not to say something harmful in front of your love.Circumstances will naturally change a lot.

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