2020: What’s The Fortune Of The Rat?

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Generally speaking, the Year of the Rat is not a good Zodiac Sign Year. In China, there is a statement to describe the Year of the Rat, called “GengZi Year,” which always comes with some unfortunate events. Which means…

2020 Is the Year of The Rat: Geng Zi Year

The fate of people who belong to the Rat, in 2020, is not favorable due to some statements about “Ben Ming Nian” ( Your Zodiac sign meets the same current Zodiac year), and their experience in this year will be quite tragic.

The experience this year may make the rat people exhausted both physically and mentally. They may lose everything in their career. No matter what they do, it is tough to succeed. The people who are close to them will also be affected. It is difficult for them to find a way of life to change their status.

 Their lousy luck will affect the people around them, but no matter what happens, we still have to believe in life and believe that tomorrow will be better.

What is their fate in 2020?

Let’s get started!

Career development of Rat——Helpless in case of obstacles

Career development for the Rat in 2020 may encounter some obstacles, and they are likely to make mistakes in the work even if they have been too familiar with it. 

They may also fail because of a lack of experience or other reasons in a job they have never been exposed to. During the year, their relationship with their colleagues will also be affected and become unfriendly, which will also affect their working state. 

In the face of difficulties, can not get the help of colleagues, need to solve some problem alone.


Love fortune of Rat: Lack of sincerity

People who belong to rats are not always single-minded in their relationships.

They can’t face the feeling well and become more promiscuous as if to prove their charm. However, they are everywhere to provoke others, but eventually found their feelings are still very empty, can not be satisfied. 

It’s also likely to hurt others and ruin your reputation.

Health trend of Rat: East to get sick

They are in poor health, often sick, easy to catch a cold. And once ill, it takes a long time to get better. Once it is cured, new problems may appear. 

The whole person is sickly and lacks vitality. They will miss a lot of activities because of their physical reasons; it is challenging to have a good state.

Wealth Fortune in 2020: windfall and loss of money

In 2020, the fortune of the rat people is not good. They have accumulated wealth for many years, but they may slip away from their hands due to unexpected circumstances, which will have a more significant impact on the family. Also, they are likely to be cheated or lost their wealth due to some other changes. This situation will also give them an enormous blow.


How do the Rat Change the Fortune in 2020?

A lot of Chinese usually would wear a Chinese Zodiac mascot in their “Ben Ming Nian.”The culture of the Chinese Zodiac mascot has a long history. 

Since ancient times, people have taken the favorite animals and plants as totems or mascots, carved into jade pendants to wear with them, implying that the mascot will bring good luck to themselves.

According to the traditional auspicious culture and the Chinese Zodiac numerology, the Rat people can have a mascot in the shape of a green ox auspicious beast while guarding an auspicious gourd. It is said that after the Lord Lao Zi(people exist in Chinese legend story) became an immortal, he had a green ox as his mount. Later, because of the green ox as the mount of the eternal, representing peace, auspiciousness, and brought good fortune to people.

In the Chinese zodiac, people in “Ben Ming Nian” would offend another immortal called” TaiSui,” the Ox will be the noble Zodiac of the Rat, their combination could be helpful for the punishment.

The Meaning Of Wearing A Mascot

In the folk, most people choose to wear their noble zodiac mascot in their “Ben Ming Nian.” 

Simultaneously, it represents the harmony of human relations, the progress of work, and the rise of career. Gourd homonym “Fulu” means a treasure worn by ancient immortal doctors and filled with panacea. 

It has the metaphor of dispelling diseases and avoiding disasters. It nearly represents the harmony of all aspects, the prosperity of children and grandchildren, and the family’s safety.

Therefore, A mascot of Green Ox with A Green Gourd means that rat people can get help from noble people in their year of life, work progress, and safety of their homes so that they could move some lousy luck away. 

Chinese Zodiac Mascot could be made as a necklace, jewelry, and housing decorations as long as it could be something close to you or your home.

Last but not very least, no matter what happens in your life, please keep an optimistic mind and be brave to face the difficulties. Good fortunes are always looking for people who are confident, positive, and courageous.

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