2020 is the year of Rat

Background of Rat

Happy New Year

The Rat ranks in the first place in Twelve Chinese Zodiac, its earth branch belongs to the Water.

Thousand years ago, the ancient Chinese had started worshiping some animals, called Four Big Homes and Five Big Door, they were the fox, weasel, hedgehog, Rat and snake,which reflected peoples awe to these animals as well. The ancient Chinese believed that the Rat of them had an extraordinarily spirituals and they represents the will of heaven and ghost.

People who belong to the Rat

People who were born in the year of Rat are innovative and very resourceful while dealing with some problems. You’ll see a lot of noble people showing up in their life. You were smart and sharp in a younger age, you were living happily in middle-aged life,you were wealthy and had a lot of grandchildren.

Smart Rat

The Advantages Of Rat

The Rat people are considerable and reliable. No matter what problems youll have,you can be calm down and handle them smoothly.

The Disadvantage Of Rat

However, the Rat people are often concerning something that have not happened or even would not happen, it seems like they image there are too many obstacles in future life. The real wisdom is to live in the present,dont be silly to worry about the future so much.

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