2020 Is The Rat Year And Geng Zi Year

1840, 1900, 1960, 2020, 2080 ·· (60-year as a cycle) are all belong to Geng ZI Year.

Geng Zi
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What's Geng Zi Year?

The so-called calendar of trunk and branch of the lunar calendar, that is to say, the stem and limb in a literal sense are equivalent to the chest and branches and leaves. In ancient China, people considered heaven was the main, and the earth was the subordinate. The connection between heaven and earth was Tian Gan, the relationship between earth and branch was called Di Zhi, and the combination was Tian Gan Di Zhi or Gan Zhi for short.

The 37th year of a cycle in the traditional Chinese calendar is “Geng Zi Year.” In the following Gregorian calendar years, the number of years divided by 60 is more than 40; or the number of years minus 3, the remainder divided by 10 is 7, and the rest divided by 12 is 1. The whole year is called “Geng Zi Year.” 

And 2020 is fit for the rules above; that’s why 2020 is also “The Geng ZI Rat Year.”

What Can Geng Zi Year Bring to Us?

Geng zi

2020 is the first year of Geng Zi in the millennium. Due to the earth’s rotation and revolution, the Polaris changes every 2000 years, called procession.

Personal fortune: the human being is a member of the thousands of lives in nature. Taoism says that heaven and human beings are one, humans follow the earth, earth follows heaven, heaven follows Tao, and Tao follows nature. Since human lives in this universe, naturally influenced by the energy of the world. Let’s call it luck.

The arrival of Geng Zi Year will affect everyone’s fortune in 2020. Fortune may jump out of the general good luck and become ups and downs and elusive. If your Chinese Zodiac commits “Tai Sui” as well, your fortune may get even worse.

Is Geng Zi Year Special?

In ancient China, Chinese ancestors who were good at observation had noticed that when the Geng Zi Year came, there were more natural disasters and frequent emergencies. Some significant events that would affect the stability of the country always happened in that year. Therefore, people regard the Geng Zi Year as the disaster year. People made a saying about Geng Zi Year, Geng Zi Year is always around with disasters and significant obstacles.

How Can We Deal With The Disaster Year?

The so-called disaster year is just a kind of induction and summary.

 Use the existing framework to summarize a rule of the previous disaster years and then start to make a relevant prediction. 

Instead of believing in these predictions, it is better to face those coincidences that are about to happen! 

The Chronicle editor believes that disasters can happen at any time! 

It is the responsibility of everyone, every group, and every country to be prepared for danger in times of peace. 

If we can foresee disasters, we can find that there is a possibility to see difficulties every month, every day.

The year of Geng Zi Year is not exceptional. WE should have the courage and confidence to face any disaster when developed to the present level. Maybe the coming disaster is war, natural disaster, celestial body attack, and even alien invasion. And we should prepare for every possible disaster!