2020: The Fortune Prediction Of The Dragon


We all know that 2020 is the year of the rat, also called “Gengzi Year”, because of the influence brought by the Tai Sui(AN IMMORTAL), the fortune tendency is a little fluctuate. But for all 2020, the Dragon can still have a smooth year without too many problems. Next, let’s take a closer look at the Dragon’s fortune in 2020.

Career Development For Dragon in 2020

The career situation of Dragon in 2020 fluctuates greatly. While developing, you will encounter many obstacles, which can be said that half of happiness and half of sadness. Dragons in the workplace can usher in the opportunity to express themselves in your career, and you are easy to be outstanding in the fierce competition. However, due to the influence of the star of injuring officials, you often encounter events such as right and wrong, being misunderstood, and rebellion in the office, which damages the Dragon’s reputation. In this case, it is necessary to strengthen the ability of observation and analysis and the ability to adapt to circumstances to avoid adverse effects on the development of the cause. At the same time, the Dragon needs to focus on strengthening your interpersonal relationship in 2020. Learning more, socializing more, and expanding the circle of friends will be of great help to your career and life. Besides, the Dragon in sales lines should not be too anxious when developing your business. And it would be best if you were more careful when choosing partners, so as not to hinder the development of the company.

Wealth Prediction For Dragon in 2020

On the whole, the fortune of the Dragon is very prosperous, especially the side fortune, which can reach an unprecedented height. Favored by the God of wealth in 2020, the Dragon often gets a lot of money and income from part-time jobs, lucky draw, gifts from others, inheritance, and even severance pay. And your savings have been significantly increased. From favorable fortune, although the salary of the Dragon is relatively stable this year, the expense for houses, entertaining, giving gifts, and dating is often beyond the income. In this case, the Dragon’s affairs should be cautious in managing financial issues. If you can save money, you should not pursue perfection too much, so as not to increase the economic burden. The income of the Dragon, who is engaged in business clerks, self-employed persons, and investment consultants, is often in negative growth this year. We must be careful when handling orders and contracts to avoid mistakes that may affect wages. Also, although the Dragon has a substantial fortune, you should not indulge in gambling, buying lottery tickets, and other speculative activities, to avoid losing money. For improving the wealth fortune, people who belong to the Dragon can put a golden ornament on the bedside table or the left side table of the office as the mascot, implying that the fortune and career will be improved step by step.

Health Prediction For Dragon in 2020

As for the effects caused by the star of good health, the health situation of the dragon people is very optimistic. Especially for those who are already sick, you can find good doctors or methods to alleviate the pain caused by the disease, and even get thorough eradication. The dragon people who are in good health at ordinary times are seldom troubled by colds, fever, cough and other minor diseases and pains this year. The only thing that needs to be noted is that we must continue to maintain a proper diet, work and rest habits, and more physical exercise is conducive to physical and mental health. At the same time, regardless of age, dragon people need to pay attention to the problem of injury. When contacting sharp tools or carrying out high-risk activities, you must pay attention to safety, to avoid unnecessary damage to the skin, muscles, joints, etc. This year, dragon drivers can hang a string of “General riding in a horse” on your cars as auspicious decorations, which means road safety and good luck throughout the year.


Relationship Prediction For Dragon in 2020


This year, the single dragon men and women will be pleased, the heterosexual relationship is stable, and you have the opportunity to recognize excellent heterosexual friends and form a romantic relationship with them. Of course, single dragon people are very likely to attract some people that are not very good. In the process of contact and communication, in addition to learning to grasp the opportunity and distance, you should also keep a clear mind and not be confused by external phenomena.

If you are a dragon in love or married, you will often quarrel with your partner this year. You must calm down and communicate and explain. Frequent quarrels will not only affect children, relatives, and friends but also lead to the distance between yourselves. In 2020, the dragon men, who have already been a target to get into a lot of affairs. When getting along with friends of the opposite sex, it is necessary to control the distance and feelings, and should not be half-hearted, so as not to do something that might be hurtful for your lover.

Whether single or with a partner, dragon men and women can wear or put an ornament of “a pair of birds”, at the head of the bed in 2020, which could change your emotional marriage, implying smooth and stable feelings this year.


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